6 Books To Read When Discovering Your Purpose

6 Books To Read When Discovering Your Purpose

If you're on the path to self-discovery, these books could help you put the pieces together.

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What are we here for? During the hustle and bustle of life, it's so easy to forget that we're all here for a reason. I know for me, the word "purpose" can get so intimidating that it creates pressure to discover what ours actually is, instead of realizing that we could very well be doing it already.

It's almost like clockwork to find ourselves comparing our lives and destinies to others in hopes of trying to pinpoint what we're meant to do. If you're on the path to self-discovery, or on the search for your purpose, these books could help you put the pieces together.

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'The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?' by Rick Warren


This is a classic and will always be an oldie but goodie. It goes beyond providing you with suggestions of what your purpose could be and encourages you to answer thought-provoking questions to make sure that you're living life driven by your purpose and not something, or someone, else. The bonus is that it has 40 chapters, one for each day, so you don't get overwhelmed or stagnant.


'Be Unapologetically You: A Self Love Guide for Women of Color' by Adeline Bird


Sis did something special with this one. It can be so easy for us to apologize for being amazing, strong and bold, and to just wish that we were something or someone else. I love this book because it pushes us to be our best selves, and to do it unapologetically. It inspires readers to dismiss the excuses and start making moves toward what we really want out of life. And it all starts with self-love. If you're on that journey, this is a must-read.


‘Crushing’ by T.D. Jakes


Grab a tissue and get ready to discover what you were created for. T.D. Jakes shows us in such a compelling way how we can use life's biggest disappointments, setbacks and unexpected curveballs to our advantage. Through the pruning process of letting our disadvantages make us better, we have the potential to unearth not just the purpose of things that could have knocked us out, but the reason for our life in general.


'Girl, Wash Your Face' by Rachel Hollis


It's no secret there can be a ton of mess and detours on this path of self-discovery and uncovering our purpose. This book by Rachel Hollis literally clears out all of the mess and makes room for who we were created to be. It speaks on 20 lies (many that we've already told ourselves) that have kept us from living our best life to the fullest, and then unearths the truth of who we really are, preparing us to embrace and use the abilities that we truly possess.


‘The Purpose Room: A Meeting Place Where You Discover, Birth And Accomplish Your God-Given Purpose’ by Heather Lindsey


Sometimes the question isn't what our purpose is, but how we're going to get there. The journey doesn't necessarily get easier just because we know where the finish line is; but this book motivates us during the race when we might be tempted to ease into another lane that's not meant for us. It encourages readers to stay the course in every stage of our purpose from discovery to fulfillment and beyond.


‘Restless: Because You Were Made For More’ by Jennie Allen


I can testify that this book lives up to the hype. I borrowed it from a friend years ago and I'm ashamed to say she has yet to get it back. The book itself empowers us to not just recognize our gifts and passions but to use them daily, realizing that we have them for a reason. Whatever it is you feel that you might be missing can be discovered through this book. Plus, there's a workbook that helps us tap into our purpose in a way we can't deny.

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