Regina King Wants You To Know The Power Of Planting Seeds In Fertile Ground

"I've planted my seeds... Now it's all blooming."

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You chose to get out of bed this morning. You chose to start your day and return those emails and slay the day like the boss ass individual that you are. As many choices as we make every day, one thing we can't always choose is where we're planted.

But Regina King wants you to know that no matter how dry and barren the soil around you may be, it's nothing a little fertilizer can't fix.

Last month, Regina reminded us that comfort zones are where dreams go to die and, recently, the 48-year-old actress snatched all of her edges on the December cover of ESSENCE, where she opened up about harvest time, growth, and saying no to sh*t that doesn't serve her higher purpose.

While now, Regina spends much of her time being the ass-kicking, Bible-toting Blacktion hero we didn't know we needed, she's spent the past few years building up her resume and creating a legacy that's impossible to ignore and credits her success to the power of planting seeds:

"I've planted my seeds, and I've been toiling and fertilizing them and surrounding myself with the right people. Now it's all blooming. And I'm grateful for it."

Her critically acclaimed role on The Watchmen is only one of Regina's diverse roles that we've had the opportunity to watch the actress, who got her start in acting alongside Jackee Harry in 227 over three decades ago, evolve into. From Riley and Huey Freeman on The Boondocks to her Academy-Award winning role as Latrice Butler on Seven Seconds, Regina was clear about the fact that she doesn't take on any project she feels doesn't serve a higher purpose:

JD Barnes (@jdthecombo) for ESSENCE

"It was a gift to have something else that I was ­passionate about, because at the end of the day, it comes down to the work and the art. I still needed to go run my lines, you know?"

Discernment is a superpower, one that this actress doesn't take lightly. Regina had this simple yet potent advice about learning how to differentiate the opportunities that you're passionate about from the ones that just pass the time:

"I would say that I've tried to listen to the voice inside. Luckily, from a very early age, I was able to understand that when things don't feel quite right, that was probably not the role for me."

To read Regina's full interview, click here!

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