Knowing Your Self-Worth Is The Ultimate F*ckboy Repellent

Knowing Your Self-Worth Is The Ultimate F*ckboy Repellent


It's over and you are lowkey devastated. Whether it was a situationship, you were ghosted, you've broken up from a long term relationship, or are in the process of ending your current one, you are shattered and confused. You have valid feelings of past hurt. But let me tell you some hard truths: no matter how much you glow up, there will still be ghosters, clowns, and players in your dating pooI. Beloved, relationships are not supposed to feel like emotional roller-coasters and when you let them continue that way, you are letting someone capitalize off of your lack of self-worth.

You really have to dig deep and ask yourself a very important question: What was the bigger problem, his inadequacy or my lack of self-worth?


Aren't you tired? Like honestly aren't you exhausted with giving up your power, your body, your time to someone's son just for him to give you the runaround? Sit down, get a pen and pad, and let's do some work. Equip yourself with some highly potent f*ckboy repellant and remind yourself of your value with these tips:

Stop Chasing Him And Remember That You're The Prize

Why you let him bother you when you knew he didn't want you?!

We often take a man becoming distant or seizing contact altogether as an open invitation to start hustling for our worth.Though this is a somewhat natural reaction, it is often rooted in a deep down belief that you are not enough.

You've convinced yourself that that there is not an abundance of men who can offer you a fulfilling relationship, so you continue to cling to this broken one. This is not how a high value woman handles relationships and dating! You know why? She knows that a relationship is worth having is not worth losing her composure and self-respect over.

The right man will complement your life, not complicate it.


Think about it, when you walk into the Louis Vuitton store and you can't afford that bag, do they lower their prices? Do they chase you around the store, trying to haggle? No! They tell you to come back when you're ready and go help the next customer. You have to get to that point with your heart: if he can't afford to work on a healthy relationship with you, allow yourself the space to welcome someone who will. The inability for him to see your worth does not lower your value.

Action Tip: Write down your relationship boundaries and detail behaviors that you will not accept. For example, mention any abuse, emotional dishonesty, or inconsistency you've experienced.

Define The Kind Of Love You Think You Deserve

Many of us have been socialized to think not what a man can offer us, but what we can offer to a man. Do you know what you are looking for? Because once you do, when a clown is pursuing you, you will be able to differentiate him from Mr. Right or even his fine cousin Mr.Almost Right.

Do you think that you deserve a relationship where you don't have to compromise your value? This is not a question of your worth but of your perception of it. Do you really believe that you deserve a man who is healthy for you spiritually, physically, emotionally, and who is financially stable and that he's out there looking for you? If so, i'm pretty sure you would not be entertaining Mr. Can't Afford To Take You Out This Weekend for the 3rd time in the row.

You accept the love you think that you deserve sis, and what you accept will continue.


You will keep on meeting the same man in different bodies until you get crystal clear on what it is that you are looking for. Dating without clear standards is like grocery shopping while you're starving: you heighten the possibility of walking out with something unhealthy that was never in your intentions.

Action Tip: Write out the non-superficial qualities that you are looking for in a man. For example, do you want someone who is supportive of support of your endeavors and has the desire and ability to spend quality time with you? Do you want a partner who encourages you to get out of your comfort zone? Be intentional about choosing someone who can speak to you in your love language.

Determine If Your Desire For Love Is Making You An Easy Target For Fraud


Love bombing is one of the most devastating and traumatic dating experiences you can encounter is often seen in combination with ghosting or breadcrumbing (where a man pulls back his affection and level of interest in a relationship until all you have left is crumbs).

Love bombing is exactly what it sounds like, a person coming into your life like a whirlwind showering you with attention and affection, gifts, and over the top gestures that makes your poor little heart explode. Things move very fast, this person starts planning a future with you, is in constant communication with you, but once you get comfortable, the rug is pulled from underneath your feet and he changes up. Sounds like a scam right? Because it is! And the most beautiful and intelligent women fall for it because a basic human desire, to love and be loved, is being used against you. A solution to this is examining your life and figuring out where the holes in your heart hide so that you can fill them up yourself.

Fill your cup until it runneth over and then let a man add some flavor! Make your life a three-course meal and allowing him to be your dessert, not your entree.


Action Tip: Write down the parts of yourself that you think are unlovable, and realize that these are not facts, sis. Starting working on embracing you. Love yourself, or nobody else can. Finally, write the parts of your life you want to improve and get to work, sis.

In the words of Iyanla Vanzant, "Love yourself so that love won't be a stranger when it comes."

I can't promise that these tips will help you find the love of your life tomorrow but they will greatly reduce the energy you expend on the wrong relationships and help you put your value before your desire to cuffed this season. Cheers!

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