These Couples Are On A Never Ending Baecation

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Imagine waking up next to your bae on the other side of the world. Your only obligation for the day is to explore new experiences and create memories with your life partner, and no matter how far you are from home, you can always find it in the arms of one you love.

There are some couples that say that love should always feel like an adventure, and have chosen to make their lives a never ending baecation.

It has always been a dream of mine to travel the world solo, but I realize that I've spent so much time on my own. I would rather embark on that journey with a life partner.

The following couples have made that dream come true. Their only mission is to travel the world together on an explorative journey of love and fun!

Their stories are so inspirational and colorful, they allow us all to live vicariously through their experiences. Learn more about them below.

Jasmine & Clayton

@jasmariaa & @clay.buchanan

How They Met

"We met in Chicago, IL, where we currently live. We had mutual friend that introduced us. After about 1-2 months of getting to know each other, we began dating."

How The Wanderlust Begun

"We both grew up going on vacations with our family, so we both already had a passion for traveling. We started off traveling throughout the country. Our goal was to take at least one 'baecation' each year. We decided to take our first international trip to Cancun, Mexico for Clayton's graduation. We fell in love with everything that came with traveling overseas. You learn about different cultures, you appreciate being in different environments, tasting the different types of food each country has to offer, and you can't forget about some of the beautiful beaches."

Their Favorite World Destination

"We always have a hard time answering this question because we truly love each place for different reasons. Cartagena had some of the freshest food and fruit we ever tasted. Zanzibar had such a beautiful culture that we fell in love with. Dubai was simply amazing because of its luxurious lifestyle. Punta Cana had some of the best jerk chicken we ever had! Cancun had such a fun nightlife. We're grateful that we've been able to travel to all of these amazing places."

How They Manage and Budget For Traveling

"We try to make it a goal to travel to a different country at least 3-4 times a year. After our trip to Cancun, we began to get a lot of reposts from popular Instagram pages such as The Shaderoom, BlackLovePage, and many other popular travel pages. We got featured on Essence Magazine and began to grow our following. With so much positive feedback, we decided to start our very own travel blog. Now that we have a travel blog, we want to travel as much as we can and give reviews on each place we visit. We've learned that budgeting is very important when it comes to traveling. You have to sacrifice certain things if you want to travel often. I personally try not to shop as much or go out to eat as often when I have a trip coming up. Every penny counts! Planning in advance also helps when budgeting for trips."

How Traveling Has Strengthened Their Bond

"Traveling has strengthened our bond in various ways. It also is just a great time to get away, clear your head, and have a great time together. We've learned that some of the best times and memories you will ever have with your significant other is while traveling on vacation."

Advice For Couples Who Want To Travel Together

"Our advice is to make sure you find time to travel. Set goals of places you want to visit. This world is so big and unique in so many ways, you should want to see what all is out there. Come up with a plan and see it through. For those who are looking for recommendations or need help on where to visit, subscribe to our website at livetotravelphotos.com."

Tiara & Vimbisai

@tiara_africanah & @kafeleaura

How They Met

Vimbisai is Zimbabwean and African-American, and Tiara is Puerto-Rican and African-American. While they were both born in America, they met on the complete opposite side of the world in Dubai while completing undergrad.

After meeting, they remained best friends and became official last year when she went to visit him for a week in Zimbabwe. That quickly turned into being together 7 months and counting, as well as a beautiful marriage for the Kafeles.

How The Wanderlust Begun

"Before getting together, we had both been expats [which is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than their native country] for some time. We knew there were lots more opportunities to make the money we want throughout Africa so we decided to take the risk and start our own venture!"

Their Favorite World Destination

"Our favorite place is our home in Zimbabwe. Lots of nature and good weather. Vimbisai is half Zimbabwean and it means a lot to us to see sites such as Great Zimbabwe, where kingdoms once existed and step on the same grounds as his ancestors."

How They Manage and Budget For Traveling

"We are based very close to South Africa, which is a major hub. It's cheap to get basically anywhere from there. Very cheap! We lucked up I guess.

How Traveling Has Strengthened Their Bond

"When you travel, you sometimes see different sides of a person. We have gone to very uncomfortable places and that has strengthened us because we got to see each other's vulnerable sides, it's beautiful. We've agreed that we learned a great deal of humility and, again, vulnerability to each other and people around us."

Advice For Couples Who Want To Travel Together

"Pick up a skill that allows you to travel! Be open to exploring new places, and remember to focus on one another. There's honestly nothing more beautiful than exploring with the person you love, so take that time and be present! Take small/short trips together to get to know each other's travel styles and habits. That's important. Be patient because your partner also may not know their travel personality."

What do you think about traveling with bae? What's on your bucket list? Share with us in the comments down below.

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