How To Use Your Zodiac Sign To Build Stronger Friendships

The significance of Astrology is that it helps you build relationships with others. You not only learn more about yourself through studying or understanding the stars, but you can also strengthen your connections in life as well. When it comes to building friendships, making new friends, or understanding more of who you are as a friend yourself, you want to look at the 11th house in your birth chart.

The 11th House in Astrology

The 11th house in Astrology rules your friendships, community, social networks, associates, aspirations, and where you find like-minded souls who resonate with you on a deep level. It represents the person you are within your community and the support you receive from others as well.

By breaking down the signs, planets, and aspects of your 11th house, you can further awaken to the beauty of friendship you were meant to experience in this lifetime. The strengths or weaknesses of your 11th house determine what type of experience you have when it comes to friendships and support in your life and how you can grow here.

What Do the Planets in the 11th House Mean?

Venus in the 11th house signifies someone who not only feels a lot of love for their friends but is constantly being reminded how much their friends or community support them as well. They build friendships through love and feel a lot of harmony. Jupiter in the 11th house signifies someone who has a bounty of friendships in life and feels blessed in this area of existence. They are the larger-than-life friend who always has something going on and wants you to be a part of it, and they build their friendships through their optimism and wisdom.

Chiron in the 11th house, however, can signify someone with deep wounds related to their friendships and may have a hard time making friends due to old betrayals or pain stemming from people whom they have associated with. Chiron in the 11th house are the healers in their friend groups and will build good friendships when they approach them with more confidence and understanding.

Saturn in the 11th house will show similar themes as Chiron, but friendships here feel more restrictive than painful. Having Saturn in the 11th house indicates someone who takes their friendships very seriously, but may not know how to loosen up and have fun at times.

What the Zodiac Sign in Your 11th House Means for Your Friendships

The sign you have in your 11th house is also a determining factor in how you show up best in friendships. Virgo in the 11th house are the friends who are always there to lend a helping hand and build strong friendships through consistency. Sagittarius in the 11th house are the friends you want to travel with, and they create friendships in life through their outgoing and charismatic nature.

Cancer in the 11th house is the “mom friend,” the friend that will take care of you when you’re sick and create friendships in life through their nurturing and supportive energy. Overall, by understanding your 11th house, you understand the role you play within your community, the friendships you make, and the bonds you can build with others.

Read below for your rising sign and sun sign to see what influence your 11th house has in your life:


You are the friend that always shows up exactly as they are today and receive support in your life through your authenticity. You aren’t the type of person to beat around the bush, and you are very direct when it comes to what you do or don’t want to be friends with.

Aquarius is your 11th house sign, and you tend to make friends pretty easily in life. You go through moods of being social and needing more independence and time to yourself, but your friends are typically very fond of you nonetheless.

You are an open-minded friend, and support the things in people that others may deem weird or unusual, and tend to attract progressive and inspiring people into your life. You will build strong friendships when you are getting out of your head, allowing yourself to take up space, connecting through social media, and being in spaces that resonate with you on a soul level.


You are the loving friend. You are the type of friend who doesn’t let go of people easily, and you will put in action and dedication to keep your friendships strong. This can make you a little stubborn at times, but when you are going with the flow more you attract people to you.

With Pisces as your 11th house sign, you bring a lot of love, emotional receptivity, spirituality, and creativity into your friendships. You tend to meet friends in more creative settings or spaces where you are allowing yourself to let go and have fun.

You will build strong friendships in your life when there is a mutual understanding and respect for each other's differences, and you tend to be more attracted to spiritually inclined individuals. You tend to have rose-colored glasses on when it comes to your friendships as you always try to see the best in people.

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You are the active friend. You are the friend who calls and the friend you can have a conversation with for hours. There is always something to talk about and something to do when it comes to you, and you easily make friends through your communicative approach.

With Aries as your 11th house sign, you are the type of friend who can be a little impulsive and unpredictable at times as well. You keep things interesting nonetheless and are someone who inspires people through your free-spirited nature.

Friendships for you tend to be short-lived, and if you want to build a more lasting community of support around you, being in spaces where you feel passionate, energized, and free will help you meet those people. You will build strong friendships in life when you let go of more of your competitive nature and when you focus on more harmony in your friendships.


You are the homebody friend. You are the type of friend who will cook, host, and throw a friend a surprise birthday party. You are the thoughtful one in your friend group, and people deeply feel the love you share.

With Taurus as your 11th house sign, it takes you some time to come out of your shell, but when you do, most of the friendships you form in life are here to stay. You are the type of friend to know the best restaurants, and the best places to go to, and your friends see you as someone with impeccable taste.

You tend to attract more luxurious or high-status friendships into your life, as your love for luxury puts you in these spaces to meet these types of people. You will form strong friendships in life when you are doing the things you love and that put you at ease, and when you find friends who you share mutual interests, aesthetics, and tastes with.


You are a fun friend. You are the type of friend who is always up to do something, and you like to stay active and be on the go. With Gemini in your 11th house, you are the more outgoing, talkative, and social friend.

In group settings, you don’t have a hard time making your voice heard, and there is something different and intriguing about you that attracts many people to you. You may have to be careful with gossiping when it comes to your friendships, however, as with Mercury influencing your 11th house, communication is important to your friendships.

All in all, your friendships strengthen when you are in dynamic and inspiring spaces and when you are checking in with people and building friendships rather than just forming associations. Your friend group will most likely be all different types of people with different interests and this is energy that you thrive in. Community is key, and thinking about the group more will sustain your friendships.


You are the type of friend who gives great advice. You are always there for your loved ones, and the people in your life are often going to you for help or support. With Cancer in your 11th house, you are the friend who approaches people with open arms.

You are a safe space for your friends and community, and you truly love the people that come into your life. You love to have people over and you are someone who forms strong bonds with others in the home or more intimate atmospheres.

You are the type of person to still have love for or emotional attachments to people you knew when you were younger or don’t even talk to anymore because your bonds are forever. Friends are like family to you, and you build strong friendships in life when you are being supportive when you are in a safe atmosphere, and when you allow people to support you the way you support them.


You are the type of friend that people love to have fun. You are open-minded, loving, confident, and not to mention, have great taste. You are the friend who knows what’s happening and where and who loves to be social and meet new people.

With Leo in your 11th house, you are the type of friend who shines when they walk into the room. You are the leader of the group, tend to be the center of attention wherever you go, and are also a little more dramatic than most, which keeps people entertained.

You are the type of friend who is confident in yourself yet also lifts people up and makes them feel good about themselves, too. You attract people to you and build strong friendships when you allow others to take up space and support the people in your life without losing your own authenticity in the process.



Friendships for you are about building deep, emotional connections, and you need consistency in your friendships. You strive in a group setting where there is reciprocal love and understanding, and around people who understand your more intuitive and introspective nature.

With Virgo being the sign in your 11th house, your friends see you as the wise one. You are always there for your people, and you are often the person your friends go to for help.

You prefer friendships where you can do daily tasks together, run errands, or share a mutual duty or interest. In your community, you have the power to bring healing into the lives of others, and you are usually dedicated to an important cause. You will attract support and good friendships into your life when you are approaching things with logic, practicality, and sincerity.


You are the type of friend who likes to have fun and is always up for something new. You are exciting, adventurous, and outspoken when it comes to how you show up in group settings.

You have Libra in the 11th house, making you someone who generally has an easier time making friendships and finding communities that feel right for you. You openly give love and support to others, and in turn, receive this love back to you.

You are someone who brings people together and makes new friends wherever you go. You are the friend who is always dressed well, always surprises everyone in the group with your latest tea, and keeps people on their toes. You can build strong friendships with others by being more of the peacemaker, communicating, and approaching things with a balanced perspective.


You are the friend that people can depend on. You are very selective of the people you let into your life, and you tend to keep the same friends for years. The community you build around yourself is very important to you, and you are dedicated in this area of life.

With Scorpio as your 11th house sign, you are the more emotional friend who takes their friendships to heart. Since you are such a private person, it takes a lot to let people in, and when you do, you do so with the intention that it’s going to last forever.

You are fiercely protective over your people, and you are the type of friend who makes people feel cherished. You will attract friendships, support, and community into your life when you are trusting your intuitive hunches on people when it comes to whom you truly resonate.


Friendships are a big part of your existence, and the way you see life is often colored by the friendships you build throughout life and what they have taught you. You are someone who is outgoing, interesting, and friendly.

Sagittarius is in your 11th house, and you will attract friendships to you while traveling, exploring the world and different cultures, and getting out of the norm. You are the friend who is always doing something and who brings that shock factor.

You may be a little hard to reach at times, however, and are also the friend who may take a few days or weeks to text back. All in all, your strength in friendships comes from your optimism and charisma. You will build strong friendships when you are being open-minded and having fun.


You build friendships that last a lifetime. You form bonds with others on an emotional level, and your soft side usually comes out more when it comes to your friends.

With Capricorn your 11th house sign, you attract friendships and support to you by being there for others. You are someone others feel like they can rely on and you are the type of friend to always show up.

You have a strong loyalty to the people you love, which is why your friendships typically are for years. You also typically make friends with people who are older than you or exude a sense of maturity and accomplishment. You value history when it comes to the people in your life, however, you will be able to attract more support to you when you are open to meeting new people rather than just giving your energy to people you already know.

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