Let's Catch Up: Quarantine Season, 'Black Is King' & Taking Social Media Breaks

"There's some bliss in naivety."


Who would have thought so much could have taken place in one of the seemingly longest years on record? Well, hallelu, October is on its way, giving us only three remaining months of 2020's funny actin' ways (which, we all know is a means for celebration in and of itself). The Happy Hour trio is now a duo! The ladies of the xoNecole Happy Hour Podcast's Season 2, Sheriden Chanel and Amer Woods, join together to catch up on the latest and greatest of what all has gone down since the pandemic made the podcast's second season go AWOL, and it's all good conversation, y'all.

So, grab your drinks and press play. This episode is one for the books.

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Episode Show Notes:

Catching up on what's worth watching:

  • Euphoria | Great, underrated acting, memorable scenes, and our good sis, Zendaya needing. her. flowers. now.
  • P-Valley | stage play past, humanizing stripper culture, and Uncle Clifford
  • Moesha | the show needed Kim, the end!
  • Sister, Sister | Ray (the dad) vs. Moesha dad, funny episodes, and actual life lessons
  • The Game | Janay vs. Melanie, Derwin being trash, and Drew Sidora: is she to blame?
  • The Chi | Lena Waithe themes, Keisha's tough season, current event themes, the boys growing, and crying on the finale.
  • Insecure | Molly vs. Issa, growing out of friendships, relationship dynamics, relating to the show, and....Lawrence. *side eye*
  • I May Destroy You | heavy themes, true story background
  • Black Is King | Beyonce was everything, per usual.

Catching up on Coronavirus:

  • We're handling it terribly
  • We're unprepared, there's no sense of community
  • Karens and Kens racial aggression
  • Too much information at one time

Catching up on being social:

  • Taking social media breaks
  • Twitter is male: did we know this?
  • Everyone is trying to go viral
  • Too many opinions everywhere
  • And the importance of listening to what the pandemic is telling you
"There's some bliss in naivety. I told myself last year that 2020 was a harvesting year, so I feel like I should listen to what the pandemic was telling me." - Sheriden Chanel

Catching up with politics:

Catching up with Sheriden:

  • Brought on Will Packer Media's staff, with benefits, yall!
  • She's enjoying manifestation
  • She's streamlined a complicated writer's processes for the site
  • Sis has been visiting her international boo bae #hayyy
  • And intentionally taking a self-care day, setting boundaries

Catching up with Amer:

  • Her son's school is doing virtual learning, but she's back to teaching basic schooling habits
  • She's finding her own self-habits, gyming more, reserving weekends for self, and has created a skincare routine.
  • Oh, and sis has been cutting her own hair!

Topics To Think About:

  • Has anyone experienced friends that enter relationships and desert the friendship?
  • Are people only dating during the pandemic because they're bored?
  • Did the pandemic kill casual sex?
  • Are men really equipped for threesomes? #hellnah
  • How can we keep up with the rest of 2020?

Name Shout-Outs:

Resources Mentioned:

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