The Best Crystals For Attracting Love & Romance

The Best Crystals For Attracting Love & Romance

As a firm believer in energy, crystals are something I naturally gravitate towards. There is a crystal for everything: crystals for luck, crystals for money, crystals for stress relief, crystals for healing. For this reason, these naturally-occurring wonders of the world make excellent tools for manifestation and intention-setting in your life. What you manifest in life is based on your vibration, so crystals act as a perfect caveat to raising your vibration and therefore attracting what you want most, including love.

You can wear your crystal around your neck, carry them in your bra, place them near you or underneath your pillow while you sleep, or hold them while you meditate – there are a plethora of ways to incorporate crystals into your day-to-day life and benefit from the energy they naturally emit. It's also worth noting that regularly cleansing your crystals, or clearing them, is necessary to amplify their properties.

Some ways you can go about cleansing your crystals include planting them back into the earth in your garden or a potted plant, fully submerging them in a body of water (ocean, lake, river), practicing visualization, and using palo santo or sage to smudge your crystal. If possible, make sure you do this after each use of them in order to restore the crystal's energy.

If you are looking to manifest more love in your life, below are the best crystals for attracting the love and romance that you seek.

Rose quartz.

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For attracting love through self-love: Rose quartz. 

Rose quartz is a very popular crystal and is probably the one from our list that you are most familiar with. Rose quartz is a crystal of unconditional love used to balance and open the heart chakra. The deep sense of healing it brings helps in cultivating self-love, romantic love, and connection. Because it opens up your heart, rose quartz not only helps with attracting love, but it also deepens your relationships, including the one with self.

For attracting love through protection: Amethyst.

Amethyst is another well-known crystal that can attract and promote love into one's life, as well as provide protection to the overall emotional stability in a relationship between two people. Because of this, amethyst is also regarded as a protection stone for love. Although it has other properties and uses, amethyst is considered to be its most powerful when involved in matters of love and relationships.

For attracting love through healing: Rhodonite. 

Speaking of healing, rhodonite is a great gem to use in order to attract love because of its heart-based energy. If you are experiencing relationship or emotional issues, the rhodonite crystal helps facilitate forgiveness, acceptance, and loving compassion that is needed in order to radiate and operate from a space of unconditional love. For this reason, rhodonite is a helpful tool for balancing heart and root chakras.


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For attracting love through authenticity: Moonstone.

The moonstone is all about goddess energy and feminine energy. Symbolic of love, the moonstone is also known to evoke balance, harmony, and the ability to connect with our truest and most authentic selves. Even though tides change and emotions change, the new beginnings the moonstone represents also provide inner peace amid the sometimes chaotic nature of life.

For attracting love through connection: Pink kunzite. 

Also called 'the Woman's Stone,' pink kunzite radiates peace and calms emotional turmoil. Because it is also deeply connected to the heart, pink kunzite is a healing stone that offers many emotional benefits. It amplifies softness, sensuality, self-care, and self-compassion. It also assists with our ability to connect more deeply to others by decreasing feelings of worry and fear. Of note, pink crystals are said to be associated with new love, femininity, and romance.

For attracting love through compassion: Malachite. 

​Malachite is a balancing stone that can be used to balance the heart and throat chakra. Its properties amplify feelings of security, stability, and safety. Because of its balancing properties, malachite can help with accepting all types of love and loving unconditionally.

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