Halle Bailey On Transformative Year As A Mom And Shares Post-Baby Workout Regimen

Actress and singer Halle Bailey is embracing the joys of new motherhood while sharing insights into her post-pregnancy fitness journey six months after giving birth.

The 24-year-old welcomed her son Halo with partner Darryl "DDG" Granberry earlier this year. Since then, the couple has been giving fans glimpses into their personal lives, opening up about their parenting journey on their respective social media accounts, and sharing posts of family outings and vacations.

Recently, the "In Your Hands" vocalist has captivated fans' attention by showcasing her athletic physique in various form-fitting attires, including bikinis and dresses. While Bailey had initially kept the details of her fitness regimen private, she finally opened up about her journey and motherhood on the 2024 BET Awards red carpet with Entertainment Tonight.

During the interview, the "Angel" songstress revealed that her life has improved since welcoming her son Halo in January. When asked about her experience raising her six-month-old, Bailey shared that she remains in awe each day.

“It's been so beautiful. I’ve never been more in love with something, someone in my life,” she said. “I look at him, and I can’t believe he’s mine. I’m just so grateful.”

The Little Mermaidstar, who recently completed a project in Virginia, opened up about balancing motherhood and work, revealing that she takes her son Halo wherever she goes.

“He [was] living with me there. I can’t function unless I know he’s near me. Yeah, it was the best time. He loved it there,” she stated.

Wrapping up the segment, Bailey shared an exciting milestone in Halo's development: the appearance of his first teeth.

Toward the end of the interview, the "Do It" singer addressed the buzz surrounding her post-pregnancy physique. Bailey credited hot yoga and boxing for her fitness transformation, highlighting how these activities helped her regain her shape and boost her confidence.

“I’ve just been feeling stronger and more confident in myself,” she said. “So I’ve been going to hot yoga. I’ve been doing a lot of boxing classes, anything just to get me sweating really hard, and I have seen a difference in myself, so I’m happy about it. I’m like, ‘Wow, okay, this is cool.’”

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Feature image by Derek White/Getty Images for Aerie



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