Ciara Says Russell Wilson 'Speaks Life' Into Her Independence In Response To Recent Backlash Over New Song
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Ciara Says Russell Wilson 'Speaks Life' Into Her Independence In Response To Recent Backlash Over New Song

Singer and entrepreneur Ciara isn't holding anything back regarding the criticism she's received on social media for her single "For Da Girls" and the infamous dress she wore at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

For context, the reason surrounding the "For Da Girls" controversy, a song that praises women’s independence and self-love, stemmed from many feeling that the message Ciara was promoting could be observed as a contradiction because she is happily married with three children.

As for the sheer metallic ensemble that the 37-year-old wore at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in March, Ciara faced backlash because some people felt that her dress was inappropriate --especially for a married woman-- despite the fact she went to the event with her husband Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson.

That same month, Ciara addressed the adverse social media reaction during an interview with Essencemagazine while attending SXSW in Austin, Texas. In the discussion, the "Goodies" vocalist opened up about her initial intentions for her latest single and how her husband motivates her to be herself.

Ciara on "For Da Girls" Backlash

Ciara revealed that "For Da Girls" is about empowering women, commemorating their independence and ability to tackle anything.

"It's really about female empowerment. It is about celebrating our independence as women and that inner strength that we have and how we're so capable," she said.

When the subject shifted to the track's online scrutiny, the songstress shared that she didn't harbor any bad feelings toward it because she knew the right people would enjoy the song.

"I think those that may not be so confident may feel a certain kind of way, but those that are confident in themselves, especially [regardless of] a male's perspective, know what that is," she stated.

"And they love what that is, and they celebrate what that is, and they support what that is. They uplift what that is in us. So that's like a good bit of my inspiration and where I'm coming from with this record."

Ciara On How Russell Wilson Embraces Her Independence

Later, Ciara disclosed how the negative attention had impacted her marriage. The "Ride" singer expressed that because Russell knew who she was beforehand and "respected" her independence, he continued to speak life into it when they decided to get together.

"The thing that I love about my husband is that he speaks life into my independence. Before I came into his life, he knew who I was. And he's always respected that from day one," she explained.

As the conversation went on, the mom of three shared that she considers being an independent woman a wonderful thing as it attributes to many things such as knowing your worth.

"I think there's something really beautiful about the woman that knows who she is and is confident in who she is. She's fearless. She goes after what she wants," she said. "Even if you're a stay-at-home mom, there's still an independence that you have to make the house go round to make things happen. Or the girl that's out there grinding, trying to get it. I've been that girl since I was a little girl. I mean, I had to do a lot on my own. Whether it was from the vision of the songs I would write, starting with 'Goodies,' or whether it was from running my own label – that's who I am."

Regardless of what anyone thinks, Ciara continues to inspire her millions of followers by unapologetically being herself.

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