The Reason Virgos Are So Good In Bed

The Reason Virgos Are So Good In Bed

The Virgo's perfectionist tendencies serve them well in the bedroom, making them one of the best lovers of the zodiac. This earth sign knows the importance of sensuality, physical touch, and pleasure, and everything Virgo does in bed is intentional. There is seemingly a different side of Virgo that comes out behind closed doors, and it’s not the prude that people tend to consider this sign as. A Virgo’s sex life is an area of their life where they feel they can really live in the moment, feel alive, and be more spontaneous than usual.

Virgo Sexual Compatibility: Why Are Virgos So Good In Bed?

When it comes to Virgos in bed, this is a thoughtful zodiac sign, and you can be sure they are going to think of you and consider your pleasure. A Virgo is going to cover all bases and make sure everyone is happy and taken care of. Especially if they have been with you for a while, they will know all of your pleasure points, what is going to turn you on, and what you need- and they will do just that. Virgo’s sexuality runs deep, and there is something ethereal and sensual about this earth sign.

​Virgo And The Virgin

The origin of Virgo’s name, Virgin, depicts a different meaning than meets the eye for these Maidens. In those times, a Virgin didn’t mean what it does now and actually meant freedom, self-sufficiency, and wholeness. What does that mean for Virgo and their sex life? It means they know what they want and what they don’t, and they have no problem expressing it. They also have no problem doing the job themselves if it is not up to par with the Virgo standards.

Virgo sees their sexuality as something that cannot be taken away and instead as an expression of self and the power of their sovereignty.

​Virgos Are Open Sexually

If you are in bed with Virgo, you have already passed all of their tests, requirements, and a long list of high standards- and you are considered someone they can open up with. They will begin to show this other side of them that is notorious when it comes to sex, and a more kinky version of Virgo comes to the surface. This control freak likes to play with different submissive/dominant kinks, role play, and more.

Virgo is a mutable sign, making them up for experimenting in the bedroom, being flexible, and trying different things out with their partners. If Virgo thinks something or someone is going to benefit or teach them something, they will try just about anything at least once. Virgo wants to explore your body and wants you to have this same type of energy with them as well.

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​Virgos And Acts Of Service

A Virgo’s love language is an act of service, and this serves their partners well in the bedroom. Virgos are often unforgettable, and once you are involved with one, it’s something you don’t stop thinking about. Virgos tend to your needs and have fun doing so. They feel a sense of love and empowerment in seeing their partners genuinely pleased, and you don’t have to worry about taking scores in the bedroom with a Virgo. Virgos are the type to go above and beyond.

​Virgo's Best Sexual Compatibility

Virgo and Taurus

Virgo and Taurus have great chemistry in the bedroom. Two earth signs coming together is a match made in heaven, and these two are both high in sensuality. This pairing is filled with a lot of physical touch, taking things slow, and learning each other’s bodies. A Taurus is focused on pleasure, and a Virgo is focused on pleasing, so this is a good match for both of them.

Virgo and Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio have a fun, kinky sex life. This is the type of pairing to do it often and anywhere, and this relationship is one where they both feel the passion and desire for one another. Virgo and Scorpio have high sexual compatibility, which is why this pairing is so common in Astrology. These two are both some of the most talked about in bed, so why not have the best of the best come together?

Virgo and Gemini

Virgo and Gemini are an experimental couple with high sexual chemistry. Being both mutable signs, they are always up for trying something new, and they are both open-minded people. They want to explore each other’s bodies, learn from each other, and create an environment where they can be themselves or maybe even someone else for a while.

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A Virgo’s sex life is often very different from their personal one. They are all business in public and more wild in private. So much of Virgos' personal life is controlled that this is an area of their life where they feel comfortable to let loose. Virgos are good partners to have in relationships and when it comes to something less serious. If they are looking for a committed partner, they will be open about that, and if they are looking for a short-term fling, you will have an f-buddy who is going to keep it real with you.

Although Virgo will be cleaning up, washing sheets, and making the bedroom look like nothing ever happened after the act is done, they are still a very fun partner to have in the bedroom. Virgos are so good in bed because they are the type who, once they decide they want to do something, will do it- and be the best at it.

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