8 Butt Plugs For The Best Butt Play

8 Butt Plugs For The Best Butt Play

There’s a lot of discourse around butt stuffalways. It’s just one of those forever taboo things. However, butt play is very nuanced, which means there’s lots of space to explore – it doesn’t have to, nor should it feel like some sort of hazing bit. Truth is, butt play has the potential to be very sensual. Butt play is a spectrum that ranges from external touch (read: massage) to internal play with toys, and for some, it can get a little kinkier.

Perhaps you’re completely disinterested in being penetrated by an actual penis but are curious – you might start with a finger. But maybe you’re someone who gets the ick when thinking about certain bodily fluids making contact with you. You might then find yourself interested in an option like butt plugs! And I’m not trying to be funny. I’m just trying to say there are options before you rule out butt play.

Butt plugs offer a build-up of pleasure and can make for mind-blowing foreplay and, thus, even better sex if you decide to go all the way, as I know some of you masochists love edging (bless your willpower). The anus has lots of nerves, so it makes sense that playing with this erogenous zone will send you over the moon in excruciating pleasure.

According to a Reddit rabbit hole I went down, a good butt plug is the best thing since apple pie!

I wanted to get an expert opinion, so I spoke with the plugs themselves – the team at Shop Enby, a Black, Trans-online shop, and the owner of Feelmore located in Oakland. Here are some approved butt plugs, and trust me, they’ve got range.

Protip: Accessorize your mini skirt with a butt plug (wear it) to provide easy access. Take it out for a spin, as every step increases the intensity and lubrication.

Mind you, this is simply from my rabbit hole on Reddit, but Shop Enby came through with tons more on the tip front. Here's what they, specifically, had to say.

“Exploring booty play can open up a hole 😈 new world of pleasure.” - Shop Enby

1. B-Vibe Anal Training Set

Shop Enby

Not sure exactly where to begin with your butt basics? This B-Vibe Anal Training Set comes highly recommended by Shop Enby. This is some bargain shopping for that ass as it comes “with three plugs of various weights and sizes, lube applicator, enema, travel bag, and a complete guide to anal play. This set is definitely worth it!” All of the plugs are made from body safe silicone and have a narrow tip, round that allows for easy insertion. In case you’re wondering, the enema that’s included allows for you to undergo a deep cleaning before opening Pandora's box.

2. Cute Little Fuckers - Princette Puppypus

Shop Enby

If you’re someone who is still uncertain about diving into butt play and not interested in investing money in quality toys that are solely for anal play – Princette Puppypus is going to be your BFF. Princette Puppypus by Cute Little Fuckers not only serves as a vibrating butt plug, but it can act as a “stand alone vibrator with a ring of independently buzzing legs on one side and a larger curved vibrating head on the other. Both the legs and the head make this easy to hold and can slide between fingers for an open-handed explorative grip.”

Shop Enby

3. B-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug

The B-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug’s body has a unique marshmallow shape that differs from so many of the others on this list. It’s my thought that this design allows the toy to provide the ultimate level of fullness. With four vibration levels and six vibration patterns, the snug plug offers an exhilarating sensation–maybe wilder than anything you’ve ever experienced.

4. ROMP Amp Anal Beads

Shop Enby

The Romp Amp are a set of anal beads and “the perfect place to start,” according to the Enby team. Now, you may be wondering how anal beads and plugs differ outside of the obvious (design). With plugs, the pleasure and stimulation come from the feeling of fullness and pressure. Whereas beads stimulate the nerve endings surrounding your anus. And as for this set of beads, well, they’re described as “small and flexible silicone anal bead, designed to be worn during play or pulled out at just the right moment to heighten orgasm.”

5. Vedo Bump Vibrating Anal (w/ Remote)

If you’re looking for good vibes only, the Vedo Bump has ten of them – “ten rhythms of vibration,” to be exact, with six intensity levels. Made from silicone, this plug is waterproof, allowing you to enjoy aquatic aerobics at your leisure. (But, leave the remote behind as that bit is not waterproof, and you’ll want to go manually with this go-round.) This fabulously phallic plug offers 5” in length!

6. njoy Pure Plug - Medium

Shop Enby

This medium-sized plug is coming in at a cool 1.25 inches (hey, there are exceptions to every rule) – allowing the njoy Pure Plug to heat things up both inside and outside of the bedroom. While the plug as a whole is medium, the head is rather large, offering a “delicious stretch of penetration.” It’s also crafted from stainless steel, making it hypoallergenic. But beware, though highly regarded, this toy is for “more advanced players.”

Enby Team Tip: Run under cold or hot water to add an element of temperature play, or grab the loop to rock the toy back and forth for even more mind-blowing sensations!

7. Anal Adventures Curve Plug

With a sleek design, this body-safe Anal Adventures Curve Plug offers immense pleasure as said curve is placed right at the tip. This placement offers optimal “prostate pressure” and, thus, pleasure. The other thing that stands out with this plus is that of its three insertable inches, the curves ebb and flow, making it the perfect toy to grow with as you have different girths to work with.

8. GLAS Candy Land Juicer

Shop Enby

The GLAS Candy Land Juicer offers an added layer of pleasure with the detailed glass, texture, and a rather larger circumference (that’s the head) of 4.75 inches. Though they didn’t say it themselves, I’m going to dare to say this toy falls more on the advanced side of the spectrum. Due to its material, this toy offers some hot-cold sensation play as you’re able to both heat and cool this toy at your leisure.

Enby Team Tip: Once inserted use the handle to rotate the toy whilst it's inside. The textured bumps offer an internal massage that will open up a whole new world of pleasure!”

Hopefully, this range of toys has minimized any uncertainty and anxiety you might feel around bringing butt play into your bedroom. Just like so many other things in regards to life but especially sex, there isn’t a binary but rather a spectrum. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing immediately. So give yourself grace and go for it.

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