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Everything You Need To Know About This Month's Mercury Retrograde In Aries

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Another Mercury retrograde has arrived, and this one is heating things up. On March 9, Mercury entered Aries and directed our minds toward our passions, our progress, and our personal desires. On April 1, Mercury goes retrograde in this fire sign and will be in retrograde motion until April 25. Mercury retrograde in Aries is bold, but the energy can often be misdirected.

What April's Mercury Retrograde in Aries Has in Store for Your Sign

Extra precaution is needed when it comes to what you are taking initiative on right now and where you may need to put some goals on the back burner for the time being. This is not the time to overexert yourself; rather, this Mercury retro is reminding us that true power comes from self-trust.

Let’s get to the basics of what to do during a Mercury retrograde, and what not to do during a Mercury retrograde.


  • Gain some renewed inspiration. Mercury retrogrades can be a really insightful and inspiring time if you are tapping into that creative energy that is brewing.
  • Exercise. This Mercury retrograde is happening in Aries, so do like the Aries do when things feel chaotic and get your body moving.
  • Communicate with confidence and speak on how you are feeling to prevent any miscommunications.
  • Meditate. We need a little more of this calming energy right now.


  • Sign any important contracts or deals if you can.
  • Travel. If you have to, make sure you plan everything thoroughly and re-check everything before you leave.
  • Be impulsive. Impulsion can lead to making irrational decisions right now.
  • Take things personally. It’s Mercury retro. Let’s give yourself and everyone else some extra grace during this time.

This Mercury retrograde in Aries is a reality check. It’s here to awaken where your heart has been leading you, and where you may need to rethink some plans and goals. With two eclipses happening during this Mercury retrograde, a lot is happening right now, and things can get chaotic if you are not centering yourself, focusing on your goals and intentions, and finding the gifts in the present moment.

Mercury in Aries is always a few steps ahead, but in retrograde motion, we may need to feel things out a little more before taking those steps.

Read below to see how this Mercury retrograde transit will be affecting you. Read for your sun sign and rising sign.

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This Aries Season is one for the books for you, Aries. Not only is the Sun in your sign, but there is a Solar Eclipse in your sign, as well as Mercury retrograde. When Mercury retrograde is in your own sign, you always feel it a little more than the other signs, and right now, you need some time to get grounded and plan your next steps. Your personal and professional goals are being looked at right now, and you are figuring out where you can experience a new beginning financially and personally.

This Mercury retrograde is reminding you of the work you have already done and continue to do, and that it’s not the time to count yourself out yet. New developments are taking place for you, but right now you are making sure all your ducks are in a row first.


You are walking away from an old way of doing things right now, Taurus. This Mercury retrograde for you is about putting your heart first and taking your emotional well-being as the highest priority in your life. With this Mercury retrograde happening in your 12th house of closure, you are seeking just that right now. The past may be coming up for you more during this transit, so just remember that oftentimes this happens for a chance at healing, rather than to let someone back into your life.

This isn’t the time to entertain the past or see things better than they were, but it is a time of reflection and learning the lessons. What’s being brought up for you now is doing so so that you can release, replenish, and renew. Get some time away during this Mercury retrograde, and allow yourself the space to process and heal.


This Mercury retrograde is bringing clarity and emotional nourishment into your life, Gemini. You are taking a look at the big picture right now and finding your way through the love that you are ready to embrace in your life. Friendships, support systems, and your community are all highlighted, and you are overcoming feeling misunderstood or separated from those spaces you want to be immersed in more. There could be some miscommunication within friendships and social networks right now as you think about who your people are, and where you are feeling supported within your friendships and community.

Past goals, future goals, and the progress of them all come up for review for you during this time. Communicate from the heart, nourish the connections and friendships that feel good for you, and give yourself a break from always having to say the right thing or be the person you think others want you to be. This Mercury retrograde is helping you align with your freedom.


This Mercury retrograde is helping you tap into your inner muse, Cancer. Your emotions are highlighted right now, but so are your goals and the life you want to lead. Your career and professional goals may feel a little more confusing or chaotic for you now as more pressure is being added to this area of your life. Your guidance for this time is to get creative with what you can do here and to trust that you have it in your heart to build new connections and embrace new opportunities in your professional world.

This is a good time to gain clarity and plan out some of the new goals you want to achieve this year, but to also look back on the past work done and pat yourself on the back for all that you have already achieved and accomplished in life. Be your biggest cheerleader right now and don’t wait for anyone to give you approval first.


This Mercury retrograde is reminding you to not get too ahead of things before you have truly grasped the implication of them, Leo. There is a lot to confront and deal with during this retrograde transit, and an open mind is needed to navigate this time. With this Mercury retrograde happening in your 9th house of expansion and travel, some extra precaution should be taken if you have any travel plans during this time, and know that detours may be necessary.

Overall, it’s about the perspectives you are choosing and which ones you are letting go of right now. Your peace of mind and clarity of heart are the priority, and it’s a good time to be out in nature, get some space from the busyness of life, and trust that you are being led to where you need to be.


Life is coming together for you in a new way right now, Virgo. This Mercury retrograde will be happening in your 8th house of commitments, shared finances, resources, and rebirth. You are moving through a time of change, but are overall able to see where the success is and can be in your life, and how to move closer to that. This is the time to find the balance between giving and receiving and to put some extra care and attention towards your finances and commitments.

How you are feeling within holds great importance to what you are experiencing outside of you, and you are bridging that gap right now and claiming your abundance in the process. Life is coming full circle for you during this Mercury retrograde, and you are finding out what success and connection truly mean for you today.


Value your time, value your energy, and value your heart, Libra. With this Mercury retrograde happening in the sign opposite of yours, your love life is being highlighted during this time. It can feel a little more difficult to maintain your balance in your close relationships during this retrograde, and misunderstandings here are more likely. Give yourself and others the space to figure things out and allow more love to fill in those spaces where pain has been.

Things may be turning out differently than expected, but they are overall leading you to more nourishing and safe spaces in love and your one-on-one partnerships. This Mercury retrograde for you overall is a reminder that you deserve to receive the love you give, and letting go of codependency habits or relationships will help you get there.


This Mercury retrograde is a time for you to plan, rethink, and re-coordinate your next steps, Scorpio. Timing is of the essence, but you may need some more of it before you have the full picture needed to see your previous plans through. Know that divine intervention is at play right now, and this is a good time to focus on taking care of your health, creating a good daily routine, and moving away from doing things just to do them.

The answers you are looking for may need some more time to come through right now, and by listening to your body you can better connect to the lessons of it all. By the time this Mercury retrograde is over and Mercury is direct again, you are going to have a better idea of what gifts are being offered to you, and why you needed a pause or a break before you were able to receive them.


It’s time to focus on your perspective, the beauty in your life, and where your heart has been needing to heal, Sagittarius. This Mercury retrograde for you is an eye-opening time for your relationships, hobbies, passions, and self-expression; and a time when you may feel the need to hold onto things tighter when you need to let go more. Know that decisions made from the heart will feel good for you when you make them, and fear-based decisions are going to feel more restrictive and heavy.

Weigh out all options and possible paths, and choose from the heart rather than what you fear you may lose. Overall, you are getting a new perspective on what your heart needs and on what is going to make you truly happy in life right now. This Mercury retrograde is helping you make better decisions for yourself and your future.


You are gaining some clarity on the support systems in your life, and where you can feel more secure here, Capricorn. This Mercury retrograde will be moving through your 4th house of home, family, foundations, and emotional well-being, and it’s helping you create a new beginning here. You may be feeling more pressure in the home or your time and energy may be needed more from your loved ones, and you are being guided to only take on the things you can truly emotionally handle right now.

This is a good time to spend more time around the people who make you feel more nourished rather than emotionally drained and to recognize the need for more companionship in your life. This Mercury retrograde may emotionally rock the boat for you a little, but overall, you are aligning with the work that needs to be done and who you want by your side through it all.


Honor your strength, be patient with yourself, and communicate your needs, Aquarius. During this Mercury retrograde, you can feel more confused about where things are and where they are headed, and you need some time to gain some inner clarity. Perspectives are changing, and people around you are changing, but it’s up to you to define who you are, what you stand for, and what you want to speak about.

Communication channels may feel more heavy for you right now and it’s important to let go of the things that don’t benefit your mental health. Take a social media detox, read a good book, journal your thoughts when you are feeling lost, meditate when you need to feel more grounded, and trust that this too shall pass, Aquarius. Your strength is needed during this time.


This Mercury retrograde is bringing things to fruition and giving you clarity on your personal finances, Pisces. How you value your time, energy, and skill set are being highlighted now, and you are being reminded that your worth is based upon what you place on it. When you can celebrate yourself more and see yourself as the successful and worthy being you are, you show people how they should treat you, and you align with that source of abundance.

You are building a new experience for yourself financially right now, and this Mercury retrograde is clearing away what’s been in the way of that. Connect with people who love and support you when you are feeling low or incapable, and remember that you are so much more loved and supported than you know. This Mercury retrograde for you is the next step towards greater financial freedom.

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