Everything You Missed On ‘Ready To Love’ Season 6, Episode 3
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Everything You Missed On ‘Ready To Love’ Season 6, Episode 3

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Episode three of Ready to Love season 6 just premiered last night and the heat is on. While we said goodbye to Dominika and Devin in episode two after they failed to make genuine connections with their castmates, in the third episode, the cast said goodbye to another person and Lunie returned to pick up where she left off. Lunie missed all of the action last week after she tested positive for COVID-19. However, fans quickly learned that she had a friend on the cast who was checking in on her.

One of the first dates that took place in this episode was between Lunie and LJ. Lunie thanked the father of one for being there for her while she was in quarantine and also gave him his props for being the only guy on the cast to ask her for her number.

The date appeared to be going well as they connected on many levels including the fact that they both don’t have family in Miami and according to LJ, “there’s never a dull or silent moment” between them when they are together.

Alonzo aka Zo met up with Shakyra for a date after they got flirty during a group bowling date in the second episode. Being a single mom, Shakyra had some reservations about Zo’s lifestyle as he travels a lot, however, he seemed to put her reservations at ease after he spoke about his relationship with his daughter. While Zo was able to clear that up, Shakyra still didn’t know if they are compatible.

“This process is all about getting to know people and I had this complete thought of who he was or what he was about,” Shakyra admitted. “I’m still not sure if anything’s gonna come out of it but it gave me a lot of clarity.”

Since the men are holding the reins this week on who will be sent home, one of their challenges was to go on a date with someone that they may not have had an initial connection with.

Sampson was the first one up and decided to ask out Shareese after their failed attempt to connect at the mixer. While Shareese admitted that Sampson isn’t the person she would normally go for, they both were singing a different tune after their ice cream date night. “Conversation with Sampson is easy,” said the esthetician. “I think we have the same values and some of the same interests and future goals. So, I would love for us to just take it to the next level and try to make a heart-to-heart connection.”

Later on in the episode, the cast went on a couple of group dates. The first one saw some of the cast members participate in trapeze while the other one saw them take a shot at archery. Both group dates, however, experienced a little drama. During the trapeze outing, April rubbed Kayla and Mike the wrong way after she crashed their one-on-one time.

During the archery outing, Mike and Kadian had an intense discussion after the father of three called her “uptight.” April and Kadian’s actions resulted in both of them being in the bottom two but ultimately, April was cut from the show.

UNLOCKED Full Episode: Ready To Love E602 'First Kiss' | Ready To Love | OWNwww.youtube.com

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