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Meet The Career Women Making Their Summer PTO Work For Them

There is a real problematic issue with women avoiding balance and setting boundaries, especially when it comes to taking full advantage of that precious paid time off (PTO). Apparently, we're afraid to request paid time off (the time we're actually contractually and lawfully owed,) but we're even "'quiet vacationing," sandwiching holidays and weekends so that we don't have to make the request to take that break or vacation we deserve.

Well, we all need to walk out of the "Work Hard, Play Never" era and into our "Unapologetically Taking PTO" era. You can be an ambitious, accomplished career woman without sacrificing great adventures, whether via a staycation or a trip across the world. Here are a few women professionals on social who remind us that taking our PTO is important and you can handle your business all while enjoying travel on your own terms:

Ade, AdeTheFlygerian


On being a Black woman in #cartagena | #Palenque is a can’t miss destination on your trip to #Colombia, here’s why… #blackincolombia #girlstrip #blackgirltravel #blackgirltraveltok

This doctor is balancing work in the hectic medical field with traveling the world, as she shares her experiences traveling to diverse locales across the globe. From girl trips to Punta Cana to birthdays in Dubai, Ade's sharing of her trips reinforces that we can accomplish our professional dreams while expanding our minds and hearts to see the world.

Dr. Britt, TheBrittnyway


Arizona owes me nothing 🔥 #thingstodoinarizona #phoenix #scottsdale #sedona #traveltiktok #phoenixtravel #blackgirltiktok #blackgirlstravel #blackgirlluxury #thingstodoinphoenix #fyp #phoenixitinerary #doctorlifestyle

A self-acclaimed "doctor with a life outside of medicine," Britt shares her life as a psychiatrist as well as her love for enjoying food, fashion, and travel. Based on her posts, she's not one to miss out on truly enjoying the fruits of her labor, as she should, especially with the high-demand job of serving others to enhance and manage their mental health wellness.

LaSha, The Anxious Traveler


Trying Something New. Yall Like It?! Travel With Me DC ➡️ Random Ass Omaha, Nebraska 🥰

This master's degree-holding scholar has used her platform to present options for people to create payment plans to afford the trips they want to take. And she's no stranger to ensuring that she makes her travel dreams a reality no matter what, proving that wherever you have a desire to go, you can go. So now, there's no excuse for letting those PTO days pile up. Make your paycheck work for you with LaSha's tips.

Cynthia, SimplyCyn


Grenada 🇬🇩 - it’s always a great idea. Have you been to Grenada? #simplycyntravels #islandlife #carribean #beach ##travelingwithkids##grenada

SimplyCyn is an attorney and content creator who blesses followers with colorful, vivid depictions of her fashion, culture, motherhood, and family experiences. She also advocates for autism awareness and travels extensively with her twin boys and husband, providing a safe space for other mothers to be empowered and live life on their own terms.



Let’s talk about itttttt. #adaywashad #casacookrhodes #rhodesgreece #greecevlog #londonvlog #easyjet #heathrowairport

Between her esteemed work in activism, social justice, and organizing, Tenicka has been slaying on Instagram and TikTok, sharing her bright-hued fashion sense and lifestyle gems as seamlessly as she walks boldly in her professional purpose. And she's sure to offer glimpses of how she spends her leisure time with family in locales across Europe, Africa, and more.

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