It Took TRESS Founder Laticia Rolle 32 Years To Love The Skin She's In

"I love to take bubble baths, turn on Sade and just breathe."

About Face

In About Face, xoNecole gets the 411 on IGers who give us #skincaregoals on the daily. Here they break down their beauty routines on the inside and out, as well as the highly coveted products that grace their shelves and their skin.

Laticia Rolle is more than just a gorgeous face on your explore page, she's also skincare goals. As a 32-year-old entrepreneur, actress and model, we don't know how she does it, but Rolle is able to keep herself snatched and her skin absolutely flawless while on the go in Los Angeles.

"I live for a living and do everything that makes my soul happy," the Tress hats founder told xoNecole. The multi-hyphenated professional is an entrepreneur who loves "learning new things every single day," and acting allows her "to go deeper within and explore my depth." She also gets to "empower incredible women through sharing extraordinary women's stories" as a podcast host. "I love women---I love us. I love empowering and helping women to harness their story," Laticia proudly added.

Courtesy of Laticia Rolle

In this installment of "About Face", the Girl, We Got This podcast host discusses the importance of eating good for good skin, listening to a good vinyl record in the morning and thankfully not being tender-headed in her early childhood memories.

Her relationship with beauty and skincare…

"My relationship with beauty and skincare strengthened when I turned 30. I started my self-love journey around that time and taking care of me and the skin I'm in became priority."

My views on skincare and beauty evolved when...

"Skincare for me has changed drastically for me over the years! I remember growing up using Noxzema and that Apricot Scrub from St. Ives thinking I was taking care of my skin – remember that? Now I would never touch either product due to its ingredients. Today, I use skincare that is clean and intentional for my skin. My view on beauty has always been loving every part of how God created me, naturally. Beauty is me, Beauty is you. I define my beauty, I am beautiful and it took me about 32 years to finally own and step into all of me."

My morning routine consists of...

"Every morning is beautiful for me. I start every morning waking up and thanking God for my breath and for the ability to be able to experience the day. I go downstairs, light some incense, play some vinyl---Nina Simone is on this AM, make some hot tea and oatmeal and enjoy breakfast looking out my window. I meditate for about five minutes and crochet one row of a blanket I'm making right now. Then I go upstairs, do my four-step morning skin routine, get fly, and start the day. Morning rituals are key for me."

My skincare routine consists of…

"First I need to shout out my esthetician Natalia Armonik of Just Perfect in Los Angeles. She has changed my life and created the best skincare routine for my skin. Because of her I don't need botox, nothing, just consistent upkeep and use of products. My go-to products are Viktoria Deann Balancing Cleanser, Bella Skin Beauty Toner and Beauty Serum, Viktoria Deann collagen serum and peptide acne serum, and DNA Skin Institute Mineral Gel and Vitamin A."


Courtesy of Laticia Rolle

"My view on beauty has always been loving every part of how God created me, naturally. Beauty is me, Beauty is you. I define my beauty, I am beautiful and it took me about 32 years to finally own and step into all of me."

My AM skincare routine looks like…

"Every morning I cleanse my face with my cleanser---sometimes I double cleanse. I use my toner next to make sure I get a good, deep clean. After that I apply my peptides from Viktoria De'Ann, the collagen and acne serums. I finish with applying Bella Skin Beauty Serum. I finish with my eye serums from Viktoria De'Ann and apply sunblock to protect my skin."

My evening routine consists of...

"To unwind in the evenings, I love to take bubble baths, turn on Sade, and just breathe. Sometimes I'll meditate or read a good book in the bath, and that gets me feeling so good. The last good read I think you should def read is All About Love by Bell Hooks."

My PM skincare routine looks like...

"At night, I'm double cleansing with my cleanser and using the toner to get deep. Cleaning your skin and taking your makeup off at night is crucial. I don't care how tired you are. I then apply my vitamin A and mineral gel serum, and finish with my beauty serum and eye serum. Pat it all in nice, and off to dream sweet."

How my skincare changes for the seasons…

"My skincare routine doesn't change up with seasons unless my skin gets dry in colder climates. I just make sure to moisturize more often and always have Chapstick on deck."

My go-to makeup look consists of…

"I do wear makeup, but not day to day. My go-to makeup is pretty simple and quick: Mascara---like three coats---curl lashes, concealer under the eyes, a little pop of blush on my cheekbones and a little shimmer eyeshadow in the corner of my lids, and I'm good to go. I dig the natural, 'no-makeup' makeup look."


Courtesy of Laticia Rolle

"Taking care of my mind, body and soul has changed my life. I take care of my interior world in order to shine on the exterior, that's where my beauty begins."

How I approach beauty from the inside out…

"Taking care of my mind, body and soul has changed my life. I take care of my interior world in order to shine on the exterior, that's where my beauty begins. Therapy has unlocked a lot of emotional issues for me that I struggled internally with and after discovering more about myself I was able to learn who I am as a woman and shed old parts of me that allowed me to step into my power.

"Putting myself first and not pleasing people has been a huge act of self-love. Movement is key daily, whether I'm dancing, yoga, running or boxing, I got to take care of my body and move daily. Loving myself, truly madly deeply has allowed my beauty to shine."

What self-care looks like to me…

"Therapy, bubble baths, bomb ass playlists, going for walks and writing and reading poetry."

My travel skincare routine looks like…

"My skincare routine doesn't switch up when I travel. The key to having good skin for me is being consistent with my skincare routine and being aware of what foods I'm digesting. Eat good and keep your routine down pat and you're destined to shine daily."


Courtesy of Laticia Rolle

"Eat good and keep your routine down pat and you're destined to shine daily."

My earliest beauty memory…

"My earliest beauty memory would be my mom doing me and my two sisters' hair before school every morning. I remember we would have to comb our hair and she would have us kneel down, one by one, in front of her dresser, and she would do our hair in cool ponytails or braids. Let's just say I'm not tender-headed, thanks to my mom."

My most significant beauty lesson…

"My most significant beauty lesson for my hair would be to use Olaplex when your curls need moisture. Olaplex always brings my curls back to life, best hydration ever. For skin, my best lesson is to use toner after you cleanse, because cleansing doesn't always clean and get deep in the pores."

For more Laticia, follow her on Instagram and support her TRESS hat designs on their official Instagram account.

Featured Image Courtesy of Laticia Rolle

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