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This Content Creator’s Journey To Clear Skin Began With Trusting With The Process

In About Face, xoNecole gets the 411 on IGers who give us #skincaregoals on a daily. Here they break down their beauty routines on the inside and out, as well as the highly coveted products that grace their shelves and their skin.

Kyra Joe is the Queen of all things beauty. She regularly lets us in on her beauty routine while sharing updates on her dating life. The content creator debuts flawless skin and aspirational makeup routines in each video. As a consumer, it's easy to assume that Joe has always had the perfect canvas for the beauty world. However, that is not the case.

Like most of us, she's experienced her share of struggles with acne and hyperpigmentation. “I saw a dermatologist when I was 14, and the products he recommended didn’t work because I wasn’t consistent,” Joe said. The responsibility and consistency required of Joe in her adolescence made skincare feel like a job rather than a self-care act.

In 2020, things began to take a pivotal turn for Joe when she found herself regularly consuming skincare TikToks during the pandemic. “I saw people showing me how to use skincare products to get rid of hormonal acne and hyperpigmentation. That made a huge difference for me.” Her enjoyment began to arise as she tried recommended products from her favorite skincare content creators.

Joe added, “I was finally starting to enjoy skincare because I was finding products that worked for me through TikTok. I had undereye patches and creams and began building a routine.” What was once a chore has now become a passion. Joe has since grown an online community of more than 200,000 across TikTok and Instagram, sharing her beauty secrets underneath the moniker Kyra Nikole.



“I learned early on in my journey to keep things simple. I also try to encourage this in my content,” said Joe. Being able to get to the root when a breakout occurs is why Joe chooses and encourages skincare routines to be simple. “If I have a breakout, it’s easier for me to figure out what product causes it if I don’t have an extensive routine.”

Keeping things simple has allowed Joe to clear up her hormonal acne and manage her hyperpigmentation, and keeping things minimal has given Joe a clear canvas for her makeup.

She gave us an inside look into the skincare routine that’s changed her views on self-care:

Kyra Nikole's Daytime Skincare Routine

​Step One: Hyper Skin Hyper Even Facewash

Hyper Skin

“I love this because it’s specifically made for hyperpigmentation, and it’s a gentle cleanser.”

​Step Two: Pixi Glow Tonic


“It’s an exfoliating toner, but it’s light enough to use daily. I use this for both day and night.”

Step Three: Glazing Milk ​Essence By Rhode Skin

Rhode Skin

“I have eczema and dry skin, so this helps give me the moisture that I need.”

​Step Four: La Roche-Posay Moisturizer

La Roche-Posay

“This is just a regular moisturizer that I love because it sits well under my makeup.”

​Step Five: Kiehl's Better Screen UV Sunscreen


"There is no white cast, no peeling, it works under makeup, and it’s SPF 50; there’s nothing better than that!”

Kyra Nikole's Nighttime Skincare Routine:

Joe uses the same products for her nighttime skincare routine, except for sunscreen. Her main goal is to lock in hydration to last the entire evening. Aquaphor is her ointment of choice to ensure her skin gets the moisture it deserves.

​Final Step: Aquaphor Healing Ointment


"Aquaphor does a great job of holding in the moisture.”

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