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I Tried The Signature Facial, And It Wasn’t Your Average Facial

My skin has been on the struggle bus lately. Between intense dryness and occasional hormonal breakouts, I don’t know what my skin needs some days. It had been about two months since my last facial when Isabelle McLeod, a licensed esthetician, recommended that I try a signature facial. I have tried several facials that all claimed to be “life-changing.” However, the itinerary for this treatment was more than I ever expected. The facial includes microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, enzyme treatment, extractions, red light therapy, cryotherapy, and a mask. Its mission is to cater to your skin’s needs for the best results moving forward.

I had never seen a facial packed with so many steps and was skeptical about it providing “instant results.” Still, I had booked the appointment in hopes that I would somehow be proven wrong. The beauty world can be full of promises; sometimes, it’s hard to see past glamorized marketing. McLeod welcomed me in her stunning office with open arms. Her energy was graceful and warm. I immediately felt comfortable opening up about my skin struggles as she listened openly. Here are a few of the questions I asked her.

How Often Should You Really Get a Facial?

Affording a facial regularly is a privilege most of us would kill for. I like to look at facials like doctor's or dentist's appointments. Yes, you don’t have to go as often, but you should at least try to shoot for a few times a year. McLeod advocates booking a facial every four to eight weeks, depending on your skin needs. Mcleod says, “If you’re someone who has acne or hyperpigmentation, I typically recommend coming in every four weeks until we can get the skin balanced.”

Regular Facials Don’t Mean Less Care for the Skin. 

Even if you get a luxe treatment like the signature facial, we must care for our skin. Having dry skin during the winter months has caused me to be diligent about my skin needs. I expressed this to McLeod as she educated me on the importance of being selective about my skincare products each season. “I am big on using hyaluronic acid; it penetrates the skin well and allows you to achieve the moisture you’re looking for,” says McLeod. She also suggested using the popular skincare product twice a day for those with dryer skin textures. I appreciated this since my skin is mostly dry at night and when I wake up.

Signature Facials Are a Good First Step to Balancing Your Skin.

The signature facial intrigues me because it is dedicated to targeting your skin's needs. I hoped it would combat my dryness and put my hormonal pimple in place. As my consultation with McLeod went further, I wondered if I would need to get the 90-minute facial every time. McLeod's answer was the relief I needed. “We recommend people do the signature facial the first time they come in because it’s consultative, we build a routine for you, and it creates a foundation for healthy skin,” says McLeod. Before I knew it, it was time for me to get cozy and take my first step to having a better relationship with my skin.


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The Signature Facial Process. 

McLeod tackled my skin needs with microdermabrasion first. I felt cozy under a heated blanket as she purged all the build-up in my pores. As the treatment continued, she provided dermaplaning and a cooling enzyme treatment. Both proceeders put me in a deep sense of relaxation. I was nearly about to fall asleep until McLeod informed me it was time for extractions. At the time, I only had one hormonal pimple that needed to be evicted. McLeod proceeded to tackle my breakout and smaller ones I had around my chin and forehead area. The extractions were painful, but knowing she cleared my pores was satisfying.

Once the extractions were finished, my face was on the sensitive side. McLeod soothed my sensitivity by providing a treatment mask and a hot towel now and then. Something about the hot towel put my skin at rest. I relaxed again as she offered a red light treatment to erase unwelcome bumps. At this moment, the battle of the extractions was worth it, and I was excited about the result.

The Results Are Better Than You Think. 

I have had my fair share of facials, and not all have been worth the time or the money. The signature facial is worth every penny! When I got up for McLeod’s facial setup, my skin was glowing with intense moisturization. I had some redness from the extraction process. My hormonal pimple had subsided as a result, which was more than enough to satisfy me. As I continued my day, my skin radiated as if I were reborn again. Finally, I found a talented esthetician who could target my hormonal acne and dryness.

My skin did become sensitive, just like McLeod had warned me, as the day turned into night. But hey! What’s beauty without a bit of pain? I made sure to be gentle with my skin by washing it with a calming face cleanser. I also avoided putting any harsh serums (not that it needed any). Opting for a simple hydrating moisturizer was enough to hold my skin for the night. If you want to reboot your skin, I highly recommend the signature facial.

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