Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Skincare Routine While In Quarantine
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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Change Your Skincare Routine While In Quarantine

There's been a lot of changes, I know. From adjusting to the work from home life while trying not to get distracted by everything else going on in your home, down to the precautions you have to take when you need to leave your house -- it's a lot. While we're going through these layers of changes and adjusting to a new normal, one thing that should stay the same is your skincare routine.

A lot of our skincare routine is in place to not only clean our skin but to also protect us from environmental dangers like debris, UV damage, pollution, dullness, and more. Even though we're home most of the time, you still have to protect yourself while you're indoors too. Being indoors doesn't necessarily protect our skin from those environmental dangers, in fact, not getting fresh air can even require more skincare maintenance.

Here's what your skincare routine should look like, quarantined or not.

Still Wash Your Face


Dirt, bacteria, and oil can still build up on our face after something as simple as taking a nap. While on quarantine, I've been taking time to really focus on what skin concerns bother me and actually doing something about it with the time. Regardless of what your skin concerns may be, you should still cleanse your face about twice a day.

Tone Your Skin


I'm not going to lie, toning my face is extremely satisfying for me. It not only treats your skin but it removes any extra dirt or oils and provides you with an extra layer of clean. I must have been living under a rock because I just peeped the variety of toners skincare has to offer: some for dark circles, acne, evening your skin tone, or just your regular degular toner.

Add a Serum


I think this step is very important. Even if I ran out of toner, I MUST use a serum. Face serum helps create a barrier for our skin, locking in moisture to soften your skin and refine your pores. As of lately I've been using a Vitamin C serum (check out our article "Say Hello To Your Winter Skincare Hero: Vitamin C Serum"). Vitamin C serums help with achieving an even skin tone, while brightening and hydrating your skin. There are tons of serums but I recommend you get one that aligns with your skin concerns.

Please, Wear Sunscreen or SPF


Sunscreen is important all year, inside and outside. You ever open your windows and you immediately feel the heat from the sun? The sun is still getting in and you're still exposed, sis. That's exactly why we need to wear sunscreen of SPF 30+ in the house. Most windows don't block all the rays that can be damaging for our skin and sunscreen adds much-needed protection. Also, for all my ladies with hyperpigmentation, using a sunscreen will help prevent dark spots from forming.

Now, Let’s Moisturize


Sunscreen is a movement by itself, but it's a force with moisturizer. Besides hydrating your skin, moisturizers help prevent breakouts and build skin barriers to protect you from pollution and other environmental factors. Moisturizers can also be more effective for you if you use a formula that addresses your skin concerns i.e. dullness, redness, dark spots, and acne-treating moisturizers.

I personally like to get moisturizers with SPF but if you can't, the best way to protect your skin is to use both.

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