The Masturbation Techniques That Can Intensify Your Orgasm
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The Masturbation Techniques That Can Intensify Your Orgasm

Your solo sexcapades just went next-level.


There is no one way to have the big “O.” The beauty about sex and masturbation is that you can take different paths to experience the same pleasure. How one person gets off might look different to another. Oftentimes, the different avenues, techniques, and positions in pleasure tend to be areas of focus spoken almost exclusively when discussing partnered sex. But what if we told you there are also layers to peel back in masturbation? That sometimes it’s not just about the "flick of the wrist" when it comes to self-pleasure and orgasm but also about the knowledge of different tried and true techniques?

In a 2021 study, the OMGYES Pleasure Report, there's a name to four masturbation techniques deemed most effective by a group of 3,000 U.S. women. Through doing this work, there is now language for previously unnamed vaginal penetration and stimulation techniques women most commonly utilize when performing self-pleasure. Researchers believe that now that there are words for these solo sex moves, women can also better communicate and advocate for their needs sexually in partnered sex.

And what are these four masturbation techniques that can intensify the way you experience pleasure and orgasm? A couple of them you might have heard of, but for the rest, let us lead the way.



"Angling" in masturbation involves adjusting where your finger(s), sex toy, and/or partner are inside your vagina. By rotating, lowering, and/or raising your pelvis and/or hips while penetrated, you can control the depth, feeling of fullness and where the toy, you, or your partner is positioned inside of your vagina. As its name suggests, it’s all about the "angle" with this technique.



While the friction of thrusting in and out is a pleasure worth noting, something that feels incredible but sometimes goes unnoticed is rocking. According to the study, the "rocking" technique is when the base of the sex toy, fingers, or penis rubs against the clitoris repeatedly throughout penetration. This is achieved by keeping the instrument all the way inside of the vagina instead of the in and out movements typically done during penetration.



If the "rocking" technique is all about the depth, "shallowing" is all about the magic that happens on the shallow end. It's a tease that highlights the pleasure from shallow penetration. Here, penetrative touch occurs just at the entrance of the vagina. With the tip of the penis, fingers, or a sex toy (if in solo sex), or using the lips, fingers, or tongue (if in partnered sex), you can practice shallow thrusts for a delirious feeling that will have you longing for more. The fact that the vaginal entrance contains 90% of the vagina’s nerve endings doesn’t hurt either.



"Pairing" is a technique that comes highly recommended in solo sex scenarios as well as partnered ones. In fact, this technique can offer quite the assist for women who climax easily through clitoral stimulation (with fingers or oral) but find it difficult to have an orgasm during vaginal penetration. It involves pairing clitoral stimulation (through the use of a finger or a sex toy) with simultaneous penetration. If you desire more orgasms during vaginal penetration, the pairing might be your best bet during solo sex and partnered sex.

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