Taraji P. Henson’s Latest Self-Love Haircut May Be Her Best One Yet

A woman who cuts her hair changes her life.

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Taraji P. Henson is the queen of hair. Queen. Of. Hair. And one thing you will never be able to do when it comes to it, is box her in, because sis gets busy when it comes to rocking a new look. In the past month or so, Henson has been playing around with color, which we love to see. But her latest, may literally be her best one yet.


The color she is wearing these days is a tone she refers to as a 'violet-magenta', a color so perfect (we'll touch on this word later) for her hectic year. Personally, Henson has been battling a called-off engagement, a pandemic, and admitted struggles with mental health. Thankfully, and likely, unknowingly, magenta is a color of universal harmony and emotional balance. It promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation and encourages a sense of self-respect and contentment in those who use it.

So, it'a perfect for her. Like I said: best one yet.

And she wears it so well.

Mostly because you can see an inner and outer glow from her again. But leave it to Taraji to call out anything deemed as absolute, or perfect. She recently told Coveteur:

"Perfection is the perfect lie. My therapist set me free when she said that. Who's the judge? Who do we go to and say, 'Is this perfect?' It's so objective."

And although she doesn't believe in perfect, some looks are too good to not acknowledge. Thankfully, Henson has used her hair as a means to express herself whilst creating a haircare line of her own, TPH by Taraji.

"Because I'm a creative person, I couldn't create how I'm normally used to creating, which is on a set or on a stage, so I had to find other ways to allow myself to be creative, and it's in this salon and I love it. I'm in here right now. [Experimenting with your hair] will keep you sane because in this time, no one's going anywhere, and that'll make you depressed.

She continues:

"My haircare line is all about self-care. I don't want people to treat wash day as a chore, but as a self-care day. That's why I have the exfoliant scrub for your scalp. There's steps to it, and you can take your time. I created a spa day for your scalp."

And TPH by Taraji promises a scalp-first approach, creating an optimal environment for healthy hair no matter the style. "We celebrate with you as you experiment with your looks while tackling real hair concerns. TPH by Taraji products deliver nourishment, protection, and deep cleansing solutions for every hair style, texture, and type," the website reads.

"When I started wearing weaves, I had to ask, how do you keep your scalp healthy under this thing? Black people, we have sensitive and very delicate hair. People think it's rough like Brillo, when it's actually not. We have to put our hair away to protect it. If you start doing too much to it, it'll break off. Knowing that, I knew I wanted to protect my hair when I started working."


Taraji may have chopped off all of her hair to achieve this look, but regardless of where she stands on the topic of achieving full-circle perfection, Taraji, the color magenta for you, sis...is perfect.

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