Pisces Woman And Taurus Man Love Compatibility

Pisces Woman And Taurus Man Love Compatibility

The relationship between a Pisces woman and a Taurus man is one of receptivity, intuition, compassion, and beauty. With both signs being highly attuned to the heart and both having a strong love for beauty, art, and creativity, these two come together in sweet harmony. A water sign/earth sign duo is always the best way to go for each sign as these elements work together in synergy.

They understand each other's differences and similarities and often find that the other person has something in them that they feel is missing themselves, or shows characteristics that benefit them to express themselves more. This duo is all about pleasure, making sure they are both happy and feeling well, and about sweet acts of love.

Pisces Woman and Taurus Man Love Compatibility

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What attracts a Pisces woman and a Taurus man to each other?

When it comes to what attracts these two loving signs to each other, it’s just that: love. They both have a strong grasp on love, on having compassion, and connect through this beautiful energy that they both exude. The Pisces woman immediately notices the Taurus man’s brood behavior and can tell there is a softy under the tuff bull exterior. Where some people can be intimidated by a Taurus man and their somewhat stubborn perception, a Pisces woman is intrigued and feels like their presence can do good in the Taurus man's life, and she is right.

The Taurus man is instantly excited by the presence of a Pisces woman. A Taurus man is a rock, a Pisces woman is the lightning that strikes it. He feels like he can drop his walls a little and live out his fantasies and daydreams about love because the Pisces woman will encourage this sense of emotional freedom and expression within him. There is a sense of these two having immediate rose-colored glasses when they first meet as it all feels very real, very sudden for them.

What is the relationship like between a Pisces woman and a Taurus man?

The relationship between a Pisces woman and a Taurus man involves playfulness and loyalty, with undeniable chemistry. Taurus tends to take the lead, and Pisces doesn’t mind not having to deal with any serious decision-making that keeps them out of their good-vibe flow. Taurus doesn’t mind the mundane, Pisces finds it extremely boring. Pisces doesn’t mind taking things one day at a time and seeing where things go, Taurus has a plan for everything.

The Taurus man helps Pisces build within her self-empowerment and stability in life. The Pisces woman encourages Taurus to loosen his grip a bit and to enjoy more of the life he has worked so hard for. They thrive when working together on something, and when at home just relaxing. These two provide a good dynamic and energy in each other's lives.

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What is the sex like between a Pisces woman and a Taurus man?

Taurus men are Venus-ruled men and know well about sensuality, love, sex, romance, and all the pleasures of life. Taurus men are extremely sensual beings and highly attuned to this energy in life. A Pisces woman is Neptune-ruled and loves the fantasy and escapism of sex. These two signs get lost in the romantic, sweet, and receptive type of sexual energy they both provide and find that they fit each other well in all aspects.

With the Pisces woman being the free spirit she is, she wants to experiment more in bed than the Taurus man may be used to, and this sense of emotional liberation that comes easily for Pisces is something that the Taurus man works on overtime in the relationship. A Taurus man prefers consistency in bed, a Pisces woman prefers a transcendent experience. They learn to work together with what each other needs and doesn’t need, and often do not have any challenges here because their chemistry is so strong. The Pisces woman is selfless and loves to be the pleaser in bed, and the Taurus man loves to be pleased and can’t help but feel enamored by the Pisces woman's pure intentions here.

What makes a relationship between a Pisces woman and a Taurus man work?

This relationship works well because they both have a deep level of understanding of each other. These two signs love to be in love, they love their family and friends, and they love to be there for others. This energy benefits them both within their relationship as they are someone they can both count on. These two may grow and stabilize at a slower place, Taurus does like to take their time, however, the attraction, love, and chemistry are immediately there. The Taurus man makes the Pisces woman want to settle down, or at least let a partner into the fairytale world she likes to live in.

The Taurus man provides the Pisces woman the type of stability that allows her to fulfill her dreams and live out her life, without so many extremes and ups and downs. The Pisces woman lives free, the Taurus man lives grounded. When they come together, they meet in the middle and create their own heaven on Earth. Their life together is one of love, security, pleasure, and romance.

What may cause a Pisces woman and a Taurus man to break up?

The thing about a water sign/earth sign relationship is that eventually, their differences do show up and they can get in the way of things if not handled properly. A Taurus man is often known for being controlling and possessive at his worst, as a Taurus is all about his possessions and his assets. Typically this type of investment strategy strictly goes towards his finances, his work, and his home, but he can put this energy into his relationships as well, making the Pisces woman feel smothered, to say the least. A Pisces woman strives for freedom. She isn’t the most independent-natured and loves that the Taurus man is always there, but at the same time she also deeply needs room to grow, to be, and to change her mind about things as this mutable nature of hers helps her remain flexible.

The Pisces woman can “go with the flow” too much for the Taurus man, and the lack of stability he craves will make things detrimental here. The Taurus man's analytical approach can be too rigid to the girl who is all about her feelings and emotions. Things can also get stale if this couple is spending too much time at home and not enough time out and with other people, as they both love their sleep and their comfort. However, they also provide a loving and nurturing home space because of this energy.


A Pisces woman and a Taurus man are a match made for the gods. Yes, there are differences, but they are differences that they both can work on coming together on, and aren’t differences that are make or break for each other. They both have a strong sense of romance to them and they enjoy being in love, being together, and sharing this beautiful experience they have both created together. When they come together, they are in it for the long haul and are the type of couple who are lovers and best friends. They can joke around, have fun together, plan for the future, and still feel a sense of ease with the whole thing. This couple may seem very different to outsiders, but when you dive deeper you can not only see but feel the connection and love they have for each other.

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