Check Out 12 Food Trends In 2021 That We're Already Excited About

Here's what's gonna be cookin' in the new year...

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As we're literally just days away from 2021, I figured that this would be as good a time as any to share with you some of the food trends that are gonna be pretty big next year. The thing that I really like about each of these is they are thoughtful, healthy and something that you can easily incorporate into your diet and lifestyle, regardless of what your budget may be.

So, are you ready to discover what you should be spending more of your time on, along with what should be going on your grocery shopping list for the next 12 months?

1. Black-Owned Restaurants


Something that I found myself saying a lot in 2020 is, a company couldn't care less how much we don't like its practices so long as we keep giving it our money. That's why, when I found out which companies that supported Trump's campaign, I stopped shopping there (I also don't give money to billionaires who refuse to give their employees sick pay; just saying).

On top of that, I am more intentional about supporting Black businesses than ever. That's why I smiled when I saw that a big 2021 food trend is backing up Black-owned restaurants. You can find the ones in your own city by either going to your favorite search engine and putting "Black-owned restaurants" along with your city and state in the search field. Or, you can support another Black-owned company and download EatOkra; it's an app that specifically helps you to locate Black-owned restaurants. Dope.

2. Virtual Cooking Classes

Even with the COVID-19 vaccine, folks are still gonna have to wear masks and a lot of companies are still going to require their employees to telecommute. You know what this means, right? Zoom is gonna be here to stay for quite some time. If one of the things that you promised yourself was you were going to be more health-conscious and that you were going to save more money in 2021, why not sign up for some virtual cooking classes? If you get a friend to join in with you, they can actually be a lot of fun and make you quite the at-home chef by the time 2022 rolls around. For a list of some of the best online cooking classes, click here, here and here.

3. “Other Oils”


If you're someone who cooks with olive oil, good for you. Not only is it rich in oleic acid (which helps to keep bodily inflammation down) and antioxidants, it's the kind of oil that helps to reduce your chances of having a stroke. Plus, olive oil contains antibacterial and anti-cancer properties, and it has the ability to keep your blood pressure low and keep your blood vessels healthy and strong.

If you want to add a few other oils to your cooking collection, 2021 would be the year to do it because different kinds of oils are another thing that's going to be pretty popular. For instance, pumpkin seed oil can help to put you into a good mood while also providing your hair with natural sheen. Walnut oil works to improve both your blood sugar as well as your cholesterol levels. Sunflower seed oil promotes heart health, improves digestion and strengthens your immune system. Avocado oil contains the antioxidant lutein which is great for your eyes and contains properties that are good for your skin. Sesame oil is also loaded with antioxidants, has nutrients that can protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it helps to reduce your stress levels and, if you use it for oil pulling, it can work to maintain oral health too.

4. Sugar Alternatives

Personally, I don't know too many people who don't have some sort of a sweet tooth, even if it's just every once in a while. Problem is, between the high caloric count and the fact that consuming too much sugar can lead to things like bodily inflammation, high blood pressure and diabetes, refined sugar is something that you should keep to a bare minimum. That's the bad news. The good news is another popular food trend for 2021 is sugar alternatives. What are those? They're ways to make your food sweet without all of the drama that comes with white sugar. Some that top the list include honey, coconut sugar, monk fruit extracts (sweeteners that are made from fruit), maple syrup and molasses. The cool thing about alternatives like these is they contain more nutrients while still being able to appease your desire for something sweet. Try some in your recipes. Let us know how they go.

5. Fruit Jerky


What the heck is fruit jerky? Think of it as being similar to the Fruit Roll-Ups that a lot of us used to snack on as kids, only it doesn't come with all of the extra preservatives. While I never really thought of it as being a "jerky" before, when I did a little research on this, I realized that it's basically dried fruit that is stretched out. For instance, I really like mango jerky. Anyway, it's a huge food trend in the upcoming year and it is something that you can make from the comfort and convenience of your own home. By the way, some people call them "fruit leathers". Anyway, you can get tips on how to make your own here or you can find some at your local health food store.

6. Spiked Kombucha

I'm gonna be honest, I can take or leave kombucha. If you've never had it before, the long short of it is, it's fermented tea. The reason why a lot of people like it is because it has some pretty impressive health benefits including the fact that it's high in antioxidants and probiotics, the acetic acid in it is able to kill bad bacteria that may be residing in your gut (your gut is where 80 percent of your immune system is, so that's a good thing), and consuming it can help to lower your type 2 diabetes and heart disease risk.

While kombucha has been all the rage for health enthusiasts for a few years now, for the next several months, it's gonna be all about spiked kombucha. In many ways, it's similar to hard seltzer because it's a drink that has a low amount of alcohol content. Anyway, if this is something that you'd like to try, some spiked kombucha brands to consider trying include June Shine Hard Kombucha, Loona Bay Booch and Jiant Kombucha.

7. Super Spicy Stuff


If you're someone who has a taste for spicy foods, 2021 is definitely gonna be your year because something that you're gonna see pop up more on restaurant menus and food blogs are meals that have more than a little bit of a kick.

The great thing about this particular trend is there are several benefits that come with adding ingredients like chili peppers, turmeric, cumin, ginger and garlic to your recipes. Spices like these are able to increase your metabolism, help to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, fight off cancer cells and they can even help to ease depression-related symptoms (thanks the component capsaicin which can help to give your endorphin levels a boost). So, if spicy is your thing, have at it (in complete moderation, of course).

8. Coffee-Flavored Eats

If you're looking for something that will give you more energy, make you more attentive, help to burn body fat, provide you with a good amount of magnesium, potassium and phosphorus (even a little bit of calcium), and even help to decrease your mortality rate, coffee is able to do that. Keeping all of this in mind, something else that will be a big trend for a while is not just having a cup of java but eating foods that taste like coffee too. So, if you adore the taste of coffee, the next time that you're in the store, be on the look out for items like coffee milk, coffee yogurt, espresso vinegar, coffee shortbread and even coffee spreads. Now, more than ever, stuff like this will be so much easier to find.

9. Comfort Food Breakfasts


Since 2021 will still have a lot of us working from home and our kids doing school online, it actually makes a lot of sense that breakfast would be a big food trend. Not only is breakfast still considered to be the most important meal of the day, but now that you're not rushing to get to the office or to school, you have more time to make some pancakes, French toast or a loaded omelet. While it's important to not indulge in these kinds of foods every single day (certain foods can really pile up when it comes to calories), setting aside a weekday to have a comfort food breakfast can give you one more thing to look forward to every week.

10. Fermenting and Canning

Pickles. Miso. Sauerkraut. Yogurt. Sourdough bread. These are just a handful examples of fermented foods. The reason why they are so good for you is because they're rich in probiotic bacteria (good bacteria). Also, since 80 percent of your immune system is in your gut, they are foods that can keep your immune system and overall health in great shape. So, definitely make sure to put more of these on your grocery list.

Also, since canning (a method that helps you to preserve foods for a longer period of time) is also a huge 2021 trend, how about learning how to pickle some of your own veggies from the comfort and convenience of your own home?

You can read how to do it here. Or, if you'd prefer to watch a video, I've got one for you right here.

11. Farmers Markets


Growing up, it was fairly common for my family to go to our local farmers market, at least a couple of times a month. All these years later, it's still something that I enjoy doing. Not only can you find some pretty amazing-looking produce at a super cost-effective price, there are other benefits that come from going the local route too. The food is organic (which means it tastes better and is more nutritional). And, it's one of the best ways to support your community; more specifically, your local farmers. If you'd like a bit more of a breakdown on why going to a Farmers Market on a consistent basis in 2021 is one of the best decisions that you could make for the sake of your overall health and well-being, Mohammad Modarres's right-at-six-minutes TED Talk will be sure to convince you. Check it out here.

12. Takeout

Like I said earlier, taking the precautions that we did in 2020 to keep ourselves safe aren't going to be letting up any time soon. So, whether your city still hasn't opened up its restaurants or you're just not ready to eat inside of any of 'em yet, remember that there is always takeout. Before you order, 1) try and go with one of the Black-owned restaurants that we touched on; 2) read "10 Safety Practices For Ordering Takeout (During A Pandemic)" and 3) definitely invest in an air fryer. Nothing warms up day-old fries quite like it will, plus air frying is another food trend for 2021. Eat up and enjoy, y'all!

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“The loss of hearing means a person can’t experience music in the conventional way,” she says. “I’ve always responded to bigger, bolder anthemic songs because I can feel them [the vibrations] in my body, and I want to be sure my music does this for deaf/HOH people and everyone.”

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In order to lift people’s spirits at the beginning of the pandemic, Amira began posting videos on TikTok of herself singing and using sign language so her music could reach her deaf fans as well. She was surprised by how quickly she was able to amass a large audience. It was through her videos that she caught the attention of a talent scout for MTV’s new music competition show for rising TikTok singers, Becoming a Popstar. After a three-month process, Amira was one of those picked to be a contestant on the show.

Becoming a Popstar, as Amira describes, is different from other music competition shows we’ve all come to know over the years. “Well, first of all, it’s all original music. There’s not a single cover,” she says. “We have to write these songs in like a day or two and then meet with our producers, meet with our directors. Every week, we are producing a full project for people to vote on and decide if they’d listen to it on the radio.”

To make sure her deaf/HOH audiences can feel her songs, she makes sure to “add more bass, guitar, and violin in unique patterns.” She also incorporates “higher pitch sounds with like chimes, bells, and piccolo,” because, she says, they’re easier to feel. “But it’s less about the kind of instrument and more about how I arrange the pattern of the song. Everything I do is to create an atmosphere, a sensation, to make my music a multi-sensory experience.”

She says that working alongside the judges–pop stars Joe Jonas and Becky G, and choreographer Sean Bankhead – has helped expand her artistry. “Joe was really more about the vocal quality and the timber and Becky was really about the passion of [the song] and being convinced this was something you believed in,” she says. “And what was really great about [our choreographer] Sean is that obviously he’s a choreographer to the stars – Lil Nas X, Normani – but he didn’t only focus on choreo, he focused on stage presence, he focused on the overall message of the song. And I think all those critiques week to week helped us hone in on what we wanted to be saying with our next song.”

As her star rises, it’s been both her Muslim faith and her friends, whom she calls “The Glasses Gang” (“because none of us can see!”), that continue to ground her. “The Muslim and the Muslima community have really gone hard [supporting me] and all these people have come together and I truly appreciate them,” Amira says. “I have just been flooded with DMs and emails and texts from [young muslim kids] people who have just been so inspired,” she says. “People who have said they have never seen anything like this, that I embody a lot of the style that they wanted to see and that the message hit them, which is really the most important thing to me.”

A Black woman wears a long, salmon pink hijab, black outfit and pink boots, smiling down at the camera with her arm outstretched to it.

Amira Unplugged

Amira Unplugged / MTV

Throughout the show’s production, she was able to continue to uphold her faith practices with the help of the crew, such as making sure her food was halal, having time to pray, dressing modestly, and working with female choreographers. “If people can accept this, can learn, and can grow, and bring more people into the fold of this industry, then I’m making a real difference,” she says.

Though she didn’t win the competition, this is only the beginning for Amira. Whether it’s on Becoming a Popstar or her videos online, Amira has made it clear she has no plans on going anywhere but up. “I’m so excited that I’ve gotten this opportunity because this is really, truly what I think I’m meant to do.”

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