Giving Up Sugar? These Foods Will Show Your Sweet Tooth What's Up


We all have some level of a sweet tooth inside of us, which is why most of us try to go a period of time without it (no matter how long or short). If you've taken on a new no-sweets diet, your sweet tooth doesn't necessarily have to suffer. There are actually foods out there that can satisfy those cravings, and you might be surprised at some of them.

Check out a few foods that can show your sweet tooth what's up:


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Crazy, right? Avocado is not sweet at all. But science says that one of the reasons we even have sugar cravings is because our bodies are lacking the mineral magnesium. Who knew getting our fill on magnesium could help beat those sugar cravings? Along with avocado, other substitutes that are high in magnesium include quinoa, brown rice, nuts, and/or seeds and raw cacao.

Sugar-Free Gum


This won't just have your breath minty fresh, it can also control sugar cravings. The best part is that while sugar-free gum doesn't contain sugar, it does have artificial sweeteners that make it taste sweet without all the extra sugar. Chewing this after you eat might not feel like dessert, but it's healthy for your teeth and can be a healthier substitute in general.

Quench Your Thirst


Dehydration is another common cause of having sugar cravings. Quenching your thirst with good old H2O, drinks filled with electrolytes, or other healthy beverages can not only scratch your desire for something sweet but can do it without breaking your new no-sweet regimen, and of course, help you get much-needed hydration.



Not getting enough Zinc can make your body crave sugar. Zinc helps us get the needed insulin and glucose, so when it's not present, it can make us want sugar. Foods that have zinc include mushrooms, dark chocolate, spinach, oysters, and beans. For those non-vegetarians, Zinc from animals like chicken and pork can be even better since they don't have phytates.



Thanks to their natural sugars, fruits like strawberries and mango can easily serve as go-tos for those trying to avoid sweet foods. From their natural sweeteners to being filled with nutrients like fiber and plant compounds, fruit is a great substitution to extra sugary foods. Still, it's no secret that even fruit can have tons of sugar if eaten too much. To avoid this, add yogurt to help you fill up and prevent you from going overboard.

Chia Seeds


No, they're not sweet like fruit. But they do have the potential to keep you full and put off those sugar cravings. Chia seeds have omega-3 fatty acids and fiber that take in water and get larger inside of your stomach. This is what keeps you full for a longer period of time. You could look up and realize you've gone a while without even thinking about sugary snacks.



This has been known as a sugar replacement for decades. It has a sweet kick to it but it's way healthier than sugar. Spices like this along with cardamom and nutmeg act as natural sweeteners, so you can lower or completely eliminate how much sugar you use when you're cooking and baking.

Dark Chocolate

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I mean… it's chocolate. Still, it's not too close to the real thing. Dark chocolate is actually healthy as it has more than 70 percent cocoa and contains healthy plant compounds like polyphenols. While it has chocolate in its name, it's not nearly as unhealthy as milk chocolate or white chocolate. Yet, it has the potential to be just as satisfying, without the guilt.

Steel-Cut Oatmeal


Craving sugar could be your body telling you that your blood sugar is out of whack. Eating steel-cut oatmeal instead of sugary cereals, muffins, and even breakfast bars can help monitor your blood sugar instead of raising it as most of these foods break down to sugar when it's all said and done. If you're nervous about your oatmeal not being sweet enough, add cinnamon and honey to give the flavor a boost.



They haven't been known as one of the more popular fruits, but they can show a sweet tooth who's boss. Dates are dried fruits that are super healthy and bonus, extremely sweet. But helping you kick that sugar craving isn't the only bonus. Dates can help you get your daily fill of potassium, iron, and fiber. Plus, they have lots of plant compounds that we might miss out on daily. Mix them with nuts and almonds and you have a major win.

Chromium-Filled Foods


Chromium is another substance that can help you get rid of sugar cravings. And check this out… It can also help control your blood sugar, cholesterol, and those carb cravings; so you're getting your entire body in check. What foods have chromium? Pretty common ones actually. Broccoli, whole grains, orange juice, bran cereal, potatoes, bananas, apples, black pepper, and grape juice are just a few on the list.

Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

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Getting in a teaspoon three times a day can keep those sugar cravings away boo. We all know coconut oil has been dubbed a healthy replacement for butter, vegetable oil, and our beloved Canola oil. Apparently, one of the reasons it's healthier is because it can help prevent or at least reduce sugar cravings. You can use this as a substitution in foods like stir fry, soup, and smoothies to make sure you get in your three teaspoons a day.

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