Expert-Approved Biohacking Tips To Incorporate For A Healthier Lifestyle

There’s nothing more powerful than monitoring your daily habits and adjusting them to create a healthier lifestyle. We track how many steps we take in a day, plug in our completed workouts, count macros, and the sort. And when it comes to our diet, mental health, and physical performance of our bodies, making small changes over time can result in us having a longer and more optimal life.

With that, there’s a health trend taking off with claims to help us “hack” our way into better living, known as “biohacking.”

What Is Biohacking?

If the term "biohacking" brings up thoughts of a matrix-like world with 1’s and 0’s being logged into our genetic coding, there’s a reason for that. “Biohacking is a person who uses science and technology to optimize the function of their mind and body,” Rachel Kreider, MPH, RD, vice president of product innovation and science for GNC tells xoNecole.

While the concept may carry a negative connotation due to its correlation to the IT space, Kreider shares that biohacking is notably different, representing a positive approach to optimizing one's well-being and performance.

“Biohacking requires one to take on the mindset of a scientist conducting a '1 of 1' experiment, whereas traditional wellness practices are something that we do because perhaps your doctor told you to,” she explains. In fact, biohacking goes beyond traditional wellness practices by putting our mindset around wellness and health before the actual practice from an experimental approach.

“If you are ‘hacking your biology,' you form a hypothesis that taking a certain supplement or engaging in a certain protocol will yield a certain result,” Kreider notes. “Once you begin taking the supplement or using the protocol, you’ve got to tune in to the results and then tweak your experiment. You might use a journaling technique to monitor your results or even use lab tests to determine the success of your intervention.”

For those new to biohacking, taking targeted daily supplements and improving your sleep hygiene is a great place to start.

Since sleep helps with our physiological and cognitive functions, however, many of us aren’t getting enough of it. Having the proper time allotted for our bodies to recover and restore themselves while we sleep is essential to our health.


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To that, Kreider recommends trying out these “cost-free” practices to hack our circadian rhythm and get an adequate amount of sleep: 

  1. Aim for a consistent bedtime and wake-up time.
  2. Get exposure to bright light upon waking.
  3. Avoid eating and exercising late in the day.
  4. Minimize exposure to bright light at night time by turning down the lights and minimizing phone and computer usage.
  5. Use a melatonin supplement to shift the time that you begin to feel sleepy. A supplement may not be necessary if the other techniques are effective.
In a sense, biohacking makes you the scientist and subject of your health — which can be empowering for those looking for introductory ways to improve their internal well-being and become more in tune with their mind and body connection.

“Many of us live on autopilot and don’t realize how great an impact that our behaviors, diet, exercise, supplementation, and more can have on our overall health,” she says. “We all have different access to tools and funding, so know that no matter where you stand in that regard, you can participate in a way that works for you.”

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