The Best Self-Care Practices For Your Zodiac Sign
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The Best Self-Care Practices For Your Zodiac Sign

It's personal, it's deep, and it's what keeps us going at the end of the day.


Self-care acts are the foundation of our well-being. Knowing what works for you, what doesn’t, and what new techniques and rituals may benefit not just you but your Sun or Moon Sign in general, can be life-changing. When looking at what most serves each sign and what is going to be the most nourishing self-care act, you may find that we all have a need for healing, love, and self-care, but different paths and routines work better than others.

An Aries may benefit from exercise to get all that energy and passion out, a Cancer, however, would rather do anything but go to the gym as an act of self-care and you will probably find them at home getting their nourishment. Self-care is personal, it’s deep, and it’s what keeps us going at the end of the day.



The perfect self-care ritual for Aries is exercise. If your body isn’t moving, your energy gets stagnant and you know well about working through these feelings of restlessness. Going for a run or to the gym, dancing, doing tai chi, going on a hike, and letting your spirit free are self-care rituals for you. You need space and freedom to figure things out when life calls for it, and providing yourself the room to do so is key. Listening to your body and where your energy is centered is important.



Self-care for a Taurus is a nice treat yo’self day! Spend the day going to your favorite places, try on the most fabulous clothes, eat the most enriching foods, and surround yourself with the pleasures of the world. You love a little luxury in your life and being surrounded by beauty just makes you feel good. When you are at home, some candles, a bath, and crystals near create the perfect atmosphere for you to reclaim your peace. Self-care was created by a Taurus and you know exactly what you need here.



Meditation, writing, a talk with a therapist or someone you trust, and releasing mental stress are perfect self-care rituals, Gemini. You are a very logical being and can be in your head a lot, and finding time to get grounded and allow your thoughts to settle is nourishing. With your active mind, journaling and writing down your thoughts are also a good way to honor your self-care and will allow you to get the full picture of what is going on within. You thrive when you are around others so your self-care routines may benefit from other people involved.



Self-care for you, Cancer, is a spiritual and emotional experience. Being near bodies of water serves your soul well, and you heal with the ocean waves. If you can, go near the ocean and have a beach day with a nice book. If you can’t get out, run a warm, candlelit bath and play relaxing music. You can release any emotional heaviness and allow peace to replace it. You are also highly influenced by the moon cycles, and full moons are a good time for self-care rituals for you.



Self-care for you, Leo, involves watching your favorite movies, going for a walk, turning off the phone, and allowing yourself a break from the spotlight you often find yourself in. Self-care often brings with it something nostalgic for you. Connecting with your inner child and doing the things you used to do when you were younger out of happiness can be nourishing acts of self-care. Spend time doing the things that feel good for you without worrying about how others are going to perceive you. This is a very personal experience, Leo.



Virgo, your self-care involves rest. You are prone to doing more than most can or are willing to do in 24 hours, so intentionally carving out some time to allow yourself to have nothing on the to-do list for the day is nourishing. Remember that rest means doing absolutely nothing and being OK with that. Don’t use this time to think of all the other things you could be doing. Remind yourself that you are worthy and deserving of rest, and affirm things to yourself like, “I am calm. I am safe. I am healthy. I am worthy.”



Rituals that serve your well-being involve all acts of peace, balance, and love. Meditating, creating art, reading poetry, going to the spa, reciting self-love affirmations, and spending time with your lover can all be forms of self-care for you, Libra. You thrive when your life feels in balance, and getting some fresh air can help you find your ground and gain a new perspective. Another self-care tip is to visit a museum, admire the art, and remind yourself that you are and will always be the muse.



Self-care for a Scorpio involves release, rebirth, and transformation. When you are motivated toward a self-care ritual, you are seeking a sense of liberation and empowerment. Some positive affirmations, activities of pleasure, exercise, and pulling a tarot card or reading your horoscope can all be nourishing for you. Physical, spiritual, and emotional care are treated when you are in a time of healing, and self-care for you is a deep and transformative experience. Since you're a water sign, going near bodies of water or taking a relaxing bath serves your soul well.



Self-care for you, Sagittarius, looks different than it does for most. You are enlivened by travel, adventure, exploring the world around you and the gifts of your mind. A good self-care tip for you is to take a vacation, go to that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, read a new book, or spend time in nature. Being a mutable sign, what you need in life is going to change and fluctuate, so be sure to check in with what your mind, body, and soul is calling for at the moment.



Self-care for a Capricorn involves rest, comfort, and a nice ambiance. You need the atmosphere to be right and you need all stresses away from you to completely allow yourself to unwind and relax. Being a hard-working earth sign, you may forget to prioritize self-care in your life more often than you’d like to admit, and creating a habit of taking at least one day for your rejuvenation and replenishment is beneficial. Being in nature, going to the mountains, spending time near a lake, walking barefoot on the earth, and letting Mother Nature nourish you are healing.



Self-care for you, Aquarius, involves setting intentions, spending time away from social media and the news, and connecting with the soul and your soul tribe. You tend to isolate yourself when you need some self-care and this can be beneficial, however, you’ll also want to remember that you are not alone. Calling on someone for some support when you need it can be a powerful act of self-care. Overall, you seek to get organized when you are on your self-care journey and this strength helps you remain grounded.



Self-care rituals that serve Pisces well are creating art, doing yoga, taking a walk on the beach, pulling out the tarot cards, putting the phone on Do Not Disturb, and most importantly, getting rest. As a Pisces, you tend to be highly empathic and take on the energy of others easily. Self-care for you should involve cleansing the body, removing any negative energy, and purifying the spirit. Connecting with your spirituality in the form of implementing spiritual practices or developing new ones that serve you well is also an act of self-care.

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