How These Women Are Embracing Healing In Nature

Black women currently in healing, please hold.


Black women are healing and unapologetically rediscovering their power in nature. Yes, you're reading that correctly. These women are looking within, evolving, standing in their power, speaking up, clapping back, showing up, showing out, paying their bills, getting degrees, becoming bosses, and healing in nature. All of it and we are here for it!

It's no secret women of color (especially Black women) have naturally placed their healing secondary to others' needs. Black women are nurturers. Naturally caring and loving for their own before caring for themselves, until now. Black women are having a rebirth; by connecting with mother nature, in order to reconnect with themselves. And they are doing so by embracing mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, long walks, affirmations and more.

To further expound on this necessary conversation, I had the pleasure of speaking with Vogue beauty editor Akili King and holistic coach Catherine Spriggs, two inspirational Black women who are redefining the healing process. Here are their experiences.

Catherine Spriggs

Courtesy of Catherine Spriggs

"I enjoy taking my shoes off and feeling my feet on the grass. I played soccer as a kid and this is what I always did. When the pandemic hit, it was really tough to get back into the groove of things. We were forced to stay indoors. I had to find a way to make this work, so instead of going to the bird sanctuary. I find myself going to my backyard.

"I feel personally like the sun gives me power and energy."

"The sun really enhances our energy and our power. Especially on days that I felt down, doubted myself, or felt powerless. If you're outside and you soak up the sun for 10-15 minutes, you're going to see a huge shift.

Courtesy of Catherine Spriggs

"I like the holistic wellness approach because it focuses on the whole being."

"If you feel like one thing is out of balance, such as you not going outside to get fresh air or sunshine. You're going to see this affect your mood. You're going to see this affect your digestion, like what you're putting into your body, and you're going to notice that trickling into other areas. I think we should always be mindful of looking at life in a holistic approach.

"Get clear and specific on what you want. What are you trying to get out of nature? Are you trying to gain peace, be more mindful, or clarity? Also, be open-minded. Be open to natural holistic approaches. Be patient and give it time."

For more of Catherine, follow her @healingwithhollisticsllc to gain more knowledge on the benefits of holistic healing.

Akili King

Courtesy of Akili King

Photo Credit: Sara Laufer

"I suffered from PTSD my senior year of college, due to an accident I was in, and have struggled since then with anxiety. Focusing on the present - not the future or the past - has truly helped me heal, and being present in nature has been a huge part of that process.

"Being present means giving my body what it truly needs and wants in the moment and truly honoring my temple."

Courtesy of Akili King

Photo Credit: Danni Cano-Garraway

"Nature is our source of oxygen. And breathing/breathwork is a huge piece of healing. Breathing in nature; fresh air, is the best place to practice mindful breathing because of that. Nature also teaches us so many lessons: flowers don't spend time comparing themselves to each other, they just grow and do their own thing.

"I feel Black women are nature. Black women are the blueprint. We're a huge part of the earth's harmony and its beauty and peace."

"Take daily walks. If you're super busy, take your work calls while walking or call friends while you're walking. Or listen to a podcast, guided meditation or some music while walking.

"In the winter, invest in some beautiful plants to bring the nature inside of your home. It's such a beautiful process to watch something grow that you're caring for. Plants also have this way of reminding us how to care for our own selves, too: To be gentle with ourselves, stay hydrated, and get sun!"

For more of Akili, follow her on Instagram @akiliking and @polesibilities, a safe space account for healing and movement therapy through pole dancing.

Featured image courtesy of Akili King

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