Naugty Girl Guide:  7 Top-Rated Amazon Finds For A Kinkier Holiday Szn
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Naugty Girl Guide: 7 Top-Rated Amazon Finds For A Kinkier Holiday Szn

What to get the girl who has it all? That's the question when we're holiday shopping for ourselves, our girlfriends, or our girl friends. It doesn't help that nobody asks you for a Christmas list when you become an adult. And as nice as it can be to treat yourself and others, the question remains. Yet the answer is rather easy! Something. ANYTHING. That might enhance sex is always, always a win. Lauryn Hill once asked, "How you gon' win when you ain't right within?" You simply cannot, but little did she know, an orgasm was the key to the get-right.

And because I want all of us to win this holiday season, I sifted through the net to find the most highly-rated pleasure enhancers to get either yourself or whoever. Just like that, the holidays just got a whole lot more fun because Christmas came early and so will the lucky recipients of these 7 items featured on this holiday gift guide. As you know, the real Santa drives an Amazon delivery van rather than a sleigh, and gets delivered in record time with Prime delivery. That said, I wanted to do the Lord's work and make sure everything here could be found on Amazon -- everything ranging from bedroom amenities to bedroom essentials like, say, lube.

Nevertheless, this list will awaken the naughtiness in any "good" girl.

Easy Access Portable Thigh Restraint Sling for Fetish Sex Bondage Unisex


We all know that it's next-level pleasure when you're in the missionary position and your partner hoists your legs up so that you can feel the penetration deeper. Well, if you're into the BDSM side of sex, this contraption is a lovely way to provide a more submissive sexual experience, restricting your ability to physically control speed and such.


Sensual Massage Therapy Oil


The catalyst to good sex is a bomb massage. That's undeniable! Using a massage oil opens the door to providing next-level massages, but especially with the orgamsic scents featured in this collection: Honey Glaze, Spiced Vanilla Glaze, and Spiced Cocoa Glaze.


Avidlove Women Kimono Robe Floral Lace Babydoll Lingerie Sheer Mesh Nightgown


Not only are robes a good sexy touch for when you're trying to bring the seductive vibes, but the pro tip lies in wearing your robe while you masturbate and covering your vulva with a piece of it and using your vibrator over it. The texture change will blow your mind.


Pure Love Original Couples Vibrator


The couple that plays together, stays together. This is a modern spin on the cock ring! It provides dual stimulation for both parties, offering seven vibration frequencies.


Uberlube Lubricant


Lube is essential to all sexaul experiences, but I will die on the hill that is Uberlube Lubricant. The top-rated lubricant has an amazing silky texture, is latex-safe, and doubles as a massage oil.


Sexy Handcuffs with Anal Plug


For those of you who enjoy handcuffs but are maybe looking to level up to something slightly more kinky, you might want to try out this cuff-butt plug combo. The long chain provides some flexibility and comfort, so you're not forced to be a pretzel the entire time.


Romantic Rose Women's Vibrator Pleasure Clîtoral Stimulation Toy


The whole internet is on fire over this one! This toy provides a sensation reminiscent of oral sex with its "sucking" feature. You may have heard of other toys like this but apparently this one has the game on lock.


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