I Tried A Liquid Vibrator To Enhance Sexual Pleasure & This Is What Happened
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I Tried A Liquid Vibrator To Enhance Sexual Pleasure & This Is What Happened

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: WTF is a liquid vibrator? Or you might even be wondering, Does a liquid vibrator work the same way as a regular vibrator? I admit, when I first heard the term ‘liquid vibrator,’ I was a bit curious and confused as well. Turns out, a liquid vibrator isn’t a vibrator at all, it’s a clitoral arousal gel. Aphrodisiac herbs and other elements such as ginger, leaf oils, and sometimes menthol are used in arousal gels to enhance sexual pleasure.

Clitoral arousal gels have been on the market for quite some time. However, with so many types of liquid vibrators on the market, it's hard to know which is the best option. Upon doing some research, I discovered Buzz by Doc Johnson produces pleasurable pulse-like sensations that leave your vulva all tingly. I was dying to experience those 'pulse-like sensations' for myself, so I had to order a bottle. I’m single AF so any type of clitoral excitement was worth a try.

Doc Johnson's Buzz Liquid Vibrator Review

How to Use the Buzz Liquid Vibrator:

Buzz Liquid Vibrator comes in a small, discreet tube, similar to that of lip balm, that can easily fit in your purse without drawing suspicion. The gel's formula is made from natural ingredients and is paraben-, glycerin-, and sugar-free. Rather than being runny, it has a semi-thick texture that allows it to stay in place. For the most part, there was no sticky residue and it essentially stayed only in the areas I applied it.

As per the directions, I applied two to three drops onto my clitoris. The angled tip on Buzz makes it super easy to use to apply. Simply squeeze one to three drops on your finger then apply to your vulva or whatever erogenous zone and wait. There was a light buzzing sensation upon application but nothing to write home about. It warmed my clitoris within three to five minutes but never really escalated to a tingle. I waited about 30 minutes to see if the sensations would intensify but they never did.

Looking back, maybe I should've added more gel, but I was afraid to overstimulate my clit.

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Do Liquid Vibrators Actually Work?

I waited for lightning to strike, but when nothing happened, I thought I might try the liquid vibrator on my nipples.

If I'm being completely honest, I love nipple play. Playing with my nipples is a must during sexual encounters. I added two drops of Buzz to my nipples but then decided to add some extra for good measure. After about a minute, I started feeling a very light, warm sensation on my nipple. Instead of tingling, it felt like the warm feeling you get when someone lightly plays with your nipple.

The feeling lingered around for a pretty long while after I applied the gel. I could still feel it stimulating my nipples almost an hour after I put it on. I'm barely capable of focusing on anything for more than 30 minutes, so it was refreshing to feel that arousal for longer than my usual 10 minutes.

My Thoughts on the Liquid Vibrator Overall:

Overall, Buzz Liquid Vibrator didn't turn me into a one woman orgasm-having machine. I was underwhelmed by the lack of 'pulse-like sensations' I felt on my clit. But baby, those nips though! Those nips were thoroughly pleased! I think next time I’ll try using it while having sex to see if it brings me better orgasmic results.

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