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I Tried An Adaptogenic Elixir To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Recently, I discovered a stress care brand created with our people in mind called Deon Libra, founded by Devin McGhee Kirkland and Brit McGhee Kirkland. What caught my interest immediately was their dedication to addressing the overwhelming effects of stress within the Black community through education, products, and experiences.

At first glance of their Unbothered Elixir, I noticed the bright red packaging, which expressed the urgency for stress care due to the stats showing how stress can not only impact our health but also take our lives.


Since the pandemic, there have been stories discussing the deadly stress that Black people face, but as a community, we know that stress has riddled our bodies long before the pandemic due to systemic racism, intergenerational trauma, and our everyday lives.

I experienced an immense amount of stress recently, and I noticed a few things that worried me: gray hair, acne, and restlessness. Thankfully, due to a 40-day fast and prayer, I found myself and my spirit settled going into the new year. But what happens when the stress finds its way to my home again?

When I began learning more about Deon Libra, I was introduced to their elixir, which is an adaptogenic blend of lion’s mane, reishi, amla, ashwagandha, sea buckthorn, and maca that helps keep your skin glowing and anxiety on low-low, while cordyceps aids in delivering a boost of all-natural energy.

Now, at first glance, my thought was this - ya girl don’t know nothing about no lion’s mane lol (I had to be honest!) That said, after some research on the benefits that include nervous system repair, gut health, killing cancer cells, and more, I was sold.

Trying the Award Winning Unbothered Elixir

When opening the package, I thought, “This is how Black-owned products should look and feel. We should be excited about wellness, and the experience should be luxurious.” Along with boiling water and my favorite tea, I added one tablespoon of the elixir and grabbed their Limited Edition Mean Mug that I ordered to enjoy it in style.

The taste of the maca met my tongue and taste buds immediately. I found myself saying to myself that my next dose of the elixir would be in a warm bowl of oatmeal versus tea.

How I Felt After Trying the Unbothered Elixir

It was the midday relaxer that I needed. I am a firm believer that drinking hot beverages in and of itself is a meditative act because it requires a level of stillness that you have to surrender to the experience. Every sip truly put me at ease, and it shocked me again that it tasted so good due to experiences with wellness powders that I’ve tried in the past.

How the Experts Recommend You Try It:

If you like it straight up:

Mix one tablespoon in warm water or your choice of milk. Add honey for the sweet life.

For the coffee lovers:

Mix one tablespoon into freshly brewed coffee. Add a splash of milk and honey if you like it like that.

In case you’re feeling froggy:

Add a tablespoon to your daily smoothie, oatmeal, and latte—the list goes on and on, like Badu.

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