10 Black Woman-Owned Products To Shop For The Holidays
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10 Black Woman-Owned Products To Shop For The Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, I am sure I’m not the only person still in need of a quality gift for a friend or relative. Listed below is a holiday gift guide with all items for sale at The Sistah Shop. In case you are unaware, The Sistah Shop is a Black woman-owned shop that sells products sourced from Black women entrepreneurs. So, not only are you checking a name off your gift list, but you are financially supporting the longevity of a Black woman-owned business because Black businesses matter.

The Sistah Shop has two brick-and-mortar locations: The Mills at Jersey Gardens Mall in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia, or you can visit their online shop, SIBexposhop.com. The shop features twelve categories with collectively over four hundred items to choose from. The gift guide below is sure to offer products for any gender and age in your family or friend group. Happy shopping!

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