10 Holiday Gift Ideas For The New Man In Your Life

10 Holiday Gift Ideas For The New Man In Your Life

You recently started dating someone new and it's the holidays. Talk about pressure! Is it too soon to buy him a gift? How much should you spend? Before you get overwhelmed, I recommend that you and your new lover have a conversation about exchanging gifts before actually purchasing gifts for each other. Once you both determine that gifts will be given this year and possibly a budget, it's time to get to shopping.

While it may be too soon to buy him designer sneakers, it's never too soon to give him a meaningful gift that shows him how much you know about him and care for him. Because at the end of the day, it's the little things that matter. Here at xoNecole, we have assembled a gift guide to help you find something special for the new man in your life.

These gifts are brought to you by our ElevateHer Shop, which is powered by Shea Moisture.

"River" Herringbone Chain 

Photo Courtesy of Filosophy

"River" Herringbone Chain

Beard Care Kit 

Photo Courtesy of Eva Jenae Naturals

Beard Care Kit
Eva Jenae Naturals

Luxury Tic Tac Toe Set 

Photo Courtesy of HVS Home

Luxury Tic Tac Toe Set
HVS Home

Men's Everyday Beanie in Taupe

Photo Courtesy of Grace Eleyae

Men's Beanie
Grace Eleyae

The Fragrance Duo by R&C Fragrance

Photo Courtesy of R&C Fragrance

Fragrance Duo
R&C Fragrance

THE ETHIOPIAN Coptic Cross Cufflinks 

Photo Courtesy of Omi Woods

Coptic Cufflinks
Omi Woods

ITA Hat 

Photo Courtesy of ITA


Journey Backpack 

Photo Courtesy of Made Leather Co

Journey Backpack
Made Leather Co

"Don't Be Good, Be Great" Long Sleeve T-Shirt 

Photo Courtesy of Be Great Store

"Don't Be Good, Be Great" Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Be Great Store

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium American Whiskey

Photo Courtesy of Uncle Nearest

Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium American Whiskey

Uncle Nearest

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