All The Fall Fragrances Giving Us The Perfect Dose Of Summer Nostalgia

All The Fall Fragrances Giving Us The Perfect Dose Of Summer Nostalgia

Saying goodbye to the summer is always bittersweet.

We're trading swimsuits and crop tops with layers and joggers. Although there's so much to look forward to with the seasonal shift, there are things we don't have to let go just yet––and that's the smell of summer. I know warm cider and pumpkin have become the thing of fall, but let's be honest, we're not trying to walk around smelling like a Starbucks latte.

Instead, here are 11 fall fragrances that give you the perfect dose of sweet floral summer and rich warm autumn.

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Miss Dior Eau de Parfum


This perfume comes in a variety of scents and bottles. You want the classic rectangular-shape pink bottle. This bottle is known as the perfume of love with a fresh sensual vibe. It's made with Grasse and Damascus rose.

Scent Type: Warm floral.


Tory Burch Knock On Wood


This scent is a combination of rose and Sicilian blood orange with hints of Haitian oil and magnolia. It's a strong and elegant vibe that exudes confidence.

Scent Type: Woodsy florals.


Gucci Bloom


This is a new take on their classic Gucci Bloom fragrance (in the light pink bottle). While the two scents have a lot in common, its a completely different vibe. This version of the Gucci Bloom is fresh with a natural greenness to it. It also has blends of tuberose essence and jasmine, and ylang-ylang (essential oil) for a warm-yet-woodsy, floral scent.

Scent Type: Warm classic floral.




CHANEL's COCO MADEMOISELLE L'EAU PRIVÉE Eau Pour la Nuit is another warm floral scent. It's made with hints of white musk and jasmine for a nice late-night scent. It's the perfect blend of luxury and boldness.

Scent Type: Warm florals.


Armani Beauty My Way


This is a very feminine fragrance that uses ingredients from around the world like Egyptian orange blossom and Indian tuberose with hints of jasmine and vanilla.

Scent Type: Floral.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Love


This is a new spin to the classic Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. This new twist is made with sweet cloudberries, daisy tree petals, cashmere musks, and driftwood to create a long-lasting memorable scent.

Scent Type: Warm floral.


Yves Saint Laurent LIBRE


YSL's newest fragrance is definitely a calm fall scent. It features notes of lavender essence, Moroccan orange blossom, orchids, and warm vanilla to push this perfume to the extreme. It's also a twist on their signature floral fragrance.

Scent Type: Warm.


Vince Camuto Brilliante


Vince Camuto's Brilliante is a mix of fresh pear and white florals, with hints of vanilla, cashmere wood, and orange blossom. This limited edition perfume is a light feminine scent for the fall.

Scent Type: Warm/woodsy floral.


Lancôme Idôle Le Parfum


Lancome's latest perfume is not just a pretty scent but a symbol of empowerment and iconic women. They created this to be worn any time in any season to help women embody their confidence and irresistible appeal.

Scent Type: Classic floral.


Valentino Voce Viva


This scent is an ode to Valentino's femininity, with blends of orange blossom, golden gardenia, and Italian bergamot. This perfume is meant to give an addictive and seductive vibe with each spray.

Scent Type: Warm florals.


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