Can We Stop Ignoring The Reality That People End Up Alone? Thanks.
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Can We Stop Ignoring The Reality That People End Up Alone? Thanks.

I was scrolling Twitter, of course, when I came across and replied to a tweet that said, "Why are you as a woman afraid of not finding someone? Whether you accept it or not, you are the object of millions’ desires." My gears immediately ground upon reading this tweet and I felt the need to respond because it’s an opinion that the author is positioning as an overly optimistic, accidentally condescending socialized factual retort.


I’ve said this time and time again, and I’ll say it again: I hate condescending comments directed toward young adults. In regards to the search for romance , love, or a significant other, I particularly hate comments like, “you’re not old” or “you have so much time.” The reality is, you don’t have all the time in the world and deep down we all know this because we know that we can’t predict when our time on this earth is coming to an end. If nothing else, the pandemic should have taught us how unpredictable life is.

The other statement as it pertains to this topic, that I find to be both misleading and equally condescending is, “You’ll find someone, don’t rush it – don’t settle .” The second truth that we need to acknowledge is that not everyone finds this type of love!

Of course, there are other types of love that they likely do get to experience but no, not everyone gets someone…romantically speaking.


No, I’m not saying we should settle but I’m not going to be so obtuse that I would dare to say I don’t understand. While it’s amazing that there are people in this world who maintain standards and boundaries while dating and looking for love, I think we have to have empathy for people who are still trying to figure this shit out. It’s not easy to find love in general and it’s definitely not easy when you’re working to unpack trauma while hearing the steady tick of a clock. Like it or not, we’re all subject to a biological clock but especially women, should you want children.

Sure, there have been so many advances in medicine amongst other options outside of conceiving the traditional route but each one of them is still classified as a privilege in that their cost makes it unattainable. Adoption, freezing eggs , IVF , and sperm donors are all very expensive, luxury procedures. Designer babies have designer costs, to say the least, and we won’t get into the insane trafficking ring that adoption has become. As feminist as I am, it requires a level of burying your head in your ass that I don’t have in me.

Biological clocks are sometimes used against us to sustain patriarchy, but it’s also not completely inaccurate. There is, in fact, a time clock for certain people and I think we need more empathy and less delusion for that reality so that people can make the best decisions for them with the information and resources at hand.


I say all of this to say, stop spreading a false sense of delusion to soothe people or yourself for that matter. I think sometimes people are fortunate enough to not know what it’s like to feel desperate and like your back is against a wall, and they want to understand so badly that they make up complete horse shit and spread that information (or misinformation) like wildfire.

We have to learn a different way to respond when we’re engaging in uncomfortable dialogue because the default can sometimes provide a false sense of hope or comes off as completely condescending, and out of touch with the bleak reality that lies in waiting for a patriarchal system to pull through as a woman in this world.

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