Beauty Boss Blake Gifford Breaks Down Her Makeup Routine + Going Out Playlist

Episode 2 "Bold & Beautiful"

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Blake Gifford, whom you may know on Instagram as @SignedBlake, is a woman of many talents. She's an attorney, content creator, fashionista, and all around beauty boss. In episode 2 of Beautiful Soul titled "Bold & Beautiful," we peeled back the layers of this multi-talented woman and got a glimpse of her effortless makeup routine in the process.

If you didn't know, Blake and xoNecole founder Necole Kane go way back. These two ladies first met at a photoshoot back in 2009, and connected professionally later down the line. The besties walked down memory lane and gave us plenty of laughs along the way. But we couldn't take our eyes off Blake as she gave us a lesson on creating a subtle yet glamorous beat.

Blake likes to keep it simple when it comes to her eyeshadow routine, but she has an eagle eye for detail when it comes to securing her foundation and concealer. In the tutorial above, you'll get to see how Blake moisturizes her skin with plenty of SPF (it's important ladies) and builds onto it with foundation and concealer. Her tip for concealing under eyes by letting it marinate before blending is absolute magic!

Speaking of skin, Blake has been on a mission to achieve a megawatt glow up, inside and out. At the beginning of quarantine, she took some time off from her everyday makeup routine (relatable!) to focus on nurturing and improving the health and appearance of her skin. To no surprise, the hiatus did wonders for her skin. But deeper than that, Blake learned to cherish her makeup routine as a fun way to indulge in some alone. She's discovered that she doesn't need a special occasion to get dolled up and transform into her most confident self. And that is a message we can fully get behind.

Watch as Necole and Brooke get real in this fun “Get Ready With Me” segment.

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"Bold & Beautiful"

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