7 Stylish Women Who Can Put Any Outfit Together & Slay

7 Stylish Women Who Can Put Any Outfit Together & Slay

OK, so raise your hand if it's a legit job for you to put a good outfit together. Yes, ladies, ya girl is a lifetime subscriber to 'comfortable and convenient chic', proud and loud, and lately, have yet to put any effort into anything else. So needless to say, you can usually catch me, with a closet full of clothes, in workout gear every day. And because of this, when it comes to fashion, the struggle is real. I'm serious, like I need you to send me the inspo photo, I need step-by-step instructions on what she did to achieve the look.

Amen? Amen.

But for some, fashion comes as a breeze. We all know that one girl that just has that eye. And I'm not talking about just throwing on a bunch of gaggy labels and calling it fashion, sis can literally take a curtain and trash bag, and strut down Park Avenue with the best of them. She naturally sees couture in lounge wear, and vintage is her jam. She's both a thrifter and an effortless visionary. She sees what none of us can, and she'll tell you that it's OK to pair those sweatpants with a blazer.

Well, fortunately for the dressing-impaired, the world wide web is full of "her". Here's a list of 7 ladies that slayyyyy any outfit they put together:


Samjah Iman is a New Orleans fashion blogger and writer. She's created the blog, Style & Energy to document her colorful journey in hopes to inspire others and demonstrate how simple outfits can stand out when accompanied with a pleasant aura and the right amount of confidence.

"Style & Energy is my contribution to society. It's the vehicle I use to promote individuality, healing, peace, and love. Through this blog, my mission is to fashionably inspire, to advocate for self-love, to encourage others to exercise their intuition and become more self-aware."

Follow her on Instagram @samjahiman!


Now, if you know style, then you know that Tawana is top tier. Her eye-catching content and flawless looks are something that every single one of us have seen before—not because her looks shake the 'gram, but because she has built a game-changing style network.

There are sayers in this industry, and then there are doers. Well, Tawana is something like a beast at each.

Follow Tawana on Instagram @shesofly!


Sophie is a beauty and style content creator that represents for the tall ladies. Based in Atlanta, she worked in retail cosmetics and apparel for three years before adding makeup artistry to her resume, gaining numerous television credits and celebrity clientele. Her experience in these industries began her journey into creating stylish and eye-catching content through her Instagram, where she is quite literally featured in multiple scrolls across the globe.

Catch sis on Instagram @sophslayz!


Meet Brittany, a Dallas-based style influencer who specializes in fashion and home decor. She prides herself on doing all things with "a dash of style". A digital marketer by day and a fashionista by passion, Brittany is certainly along the ranks of those to watch for.

Follow Brittany on Instagram @stylishlybritt!


The queen of layers, Dollface is an all-around image goddess, from style, to hair, to all the above. A self-proclaimed "everything girl", this Nigerian Los Angeles transplant has figured out the game. She's a true advocate of doing what you love and getting paid, and preaches the word through highly-desired content.

You can follow Dollface on Instagram @fashion_dollface!


Rhonda is a southern belle, born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Her passion for fashion started back in college at Savannah State, where she would help girlfriends choose their outfit and makeup looks for job interviews, date nights and other special occasions. Ten years later, she started pursuing her style dreams to help other plus-sized women make fashion more enjoyable and less stressful.

"My approach to style is attainable for the modern woman, mixing premium and affordable brands to develop a signature style."

Follow her on Instagram @rhondamarierawls


Shay Regis has her Masters in Education, and rightfully so, because style is what she teaches best. Sis literally has segments where she transforms "grandmother's clothes" into a whole look for the people. And she does it all in cute and engaging ways. Her mission is to inspire you to create and maintain a well-balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

Good Girl Season is her brand and where she creates her magic.

"[I'll give you] tips and life hacks on everything from fashion to finance, self-care to side hustles!"

Yasss, we stan a multi-faceted queen.

You can follow Shay on Instagram @goodgirlseason, as well as visit her website for more information.

Who are your favorite ladies to look to for style inspo?

Feature image courtesy of Shesofly/Claudio Robles

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