Teyana Taylor Gets Real About Having Insecurities, Too
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Teyana Taylor Gets Real About Having Insecurities, Too

Some of the things you dislike most about yourself are the features that someone else is praying (or even paying for). Although my breasts sometimes feel like giant mountains of oppression on my chest, there is someone out there that would take my spot in the big titty committee any day, and while we're at home wishing God would snatch our waists as gracefully as he's snatched Teyana Taylor's, she only wants to gain a few pounds.

Insecurities come in all shapes and sizes, and although we may feel like Teyana's body is our #ForeverGoals, the mother-of-one shared that she struggles with self-doubt just like the rest of us. In a recent interview with UsWeekly:

"I have certain insecurities too. You know what's crazy? A lot of people think, 'Yeah your body is cool,' but, like, there's been plenty of roles where it's like, 'Oh yeah, you have to gain weight' and it's very hard for me to gain weight, you know what I'm saying?"

Along with missing out on potential professional opportunities, Teyana says that her struggle with weight gain has also affected her self-confidence.

"It's not easy, or I lose weight for any little thing and I'm already small. I can't afford to lose any more weight, but that's just my personal thing."

While Teyana may look like she has her fitness all the way together, the singer says that you shouldn't "judge a book by its cover," because she's right here with us in the struggle.

"Especially me, if I walk into a gym, people think I'm gonna do backflips, lift 100-pound weights. Like, that's still a pre-judgment of, 'Oh she's got a 20-pack, so I know she's about do some work. And I'm really just shy, so you never know."

A trip to the gym can be intimidating, even for full-time performers like Teyana, which is why she created her workout program, Fade2Fit. She explained:

"Sometimes the gym can be overwhelming and intimidating. Nobody's perfect. Everyone has their own little insecurities, so I wanted to create a body program that you can do in the comfort of your own home and not worry about who's watching or looking."

Although Teyana may not be a fan of the gym (or vegetables for that matter), she always makes sure to get a daily workout in by doing what she loves most "without even feeling it".

"The only real workout I do is dancing and performing. I was touring right up until after I was six months pregnant and I was in really good shape, so after she came I just went right back down, almost immediately. That's the way I do it — I love to dance."

In an interview with BET, the singer revealed that motherhood has been a huge help on her quest to being thicker than a snicker, and along with giving her some newfound hips, Baby Junie has given Teyana a newfound sense of hustle:

"I have a lot more to live for now. I had a lot to live for then too, but when you give birth, you have a lot more to live for, know what I'm saying? That in itself is a whole other level of grind and hustle. That's like, you play with my coin— we fighting! Now you talking food out of my baby's mouth. I don't have time for that! Before I let you do that, I'ma go do this-this-this-and-this just in case you do mess up, which I know you will, so that my baby is still good at the end of the day. "

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