Teyana Taylor Shares How Her Daughter Junie Inspires Her As A Woman
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Teyana Taylor Shares How Her Daughter Junie Inspires Her As A Woman

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert along with their daughters Junie and Rue covered the April 2022 issue of Ebony magazine. And while we can’t get over how flawless and moisturized everyone looked on the cover, the interview was just as intriguing. The couple opened up about their recent career marks such as Iman winning Dancing with the Stars and Teyana’s supposed final tour The Last Rose Petal as well as their love for one another and their family. The “Gonna Love Me” singer had Junie in 2015 and Rue in 2020 and they have both stolen the world’s hearts with their cuteness and personalities.

Junie especially has garnered a fanbase of her own due to her larger-than-life personality and style. And while many people say that she gets it from her parents, Teyana says it’s all Junie. “She’s so fearless. Junie has inspired me—even as a woman—in so many ways,” Teyana said. “I thought I was bold, but Junie is really just her parents, times three. People say, ‘Oh yeah, she gets it from [her] parents.’ No, Junie is Junie, and she has sprinkles of us throughout."

She continued, “She is one of a kind. I love her power and fearlessness in being able to call me out like, ‘No, I’m not comfortable with this. I don’t want to do that. This is how it’s going to go down, mom.’ We let her express herself emotionally. We think that’s important. If Junie wants to be an engineer, then a drummer or she wants to do ballet, and then tap, we will give her every little thing that she needs until she decides what she wants. We allow her to do whatever it is that her heart desires. And I think that’s what also keeps her respectful because sometimes when you hold on to kids too tight when they get older, they rebel. Finding a great balance with children is very important.”

The multi-hyphenate also doesn’t let work slow her down. As a singer, dancer, director, and much more, mommy is busy, and she doesn’t mind bringing her kids along for the ride. “Mommy and Teyana are a 50/50 thing. My kids come everywhere with us,” she said. “They are actually the life of the party. My photoshoots often become Junie’s shoot and Rue is usually somewhere stealing the show just because she’s cute as pie. My family brings joy to my work.”

But the “Bare with Me” singer isn’t wearing many hats for nothing. She and her husband Iman are building generational wealth so that they can leave a legacy for their daughters.

“We’re working to build generational wealth. We’re young and what I respect about Iman and I’s dynamic is that we empower and push one another to be better versions of ourselves all across the board,” she said. “I love that our relationship goes beyond just support—we hold each other accountable to be greater. We are the example for our girls. And that’s our mentality: there’s always a new goal, a new dream, a new narrative that we want to create for our family and our legacy.”

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