Video: CEO Necole Kane Talks All Things Business With Mentee Jasmene Bowdry
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Video: CEO Necole Kane Talks All Things Business With Mentee Jasmene Bowdry

When you're on a path to becoming greater than your old self, there are a few keys you really need to get that level up just right. One of the biggest involves mentorship. Mentorship helps us take the clues that those before us have left and use them to get to our next destination. We partnered with Toyota and asked some of our favorite boss babes to share their mentor and mentee stories with us.

In this episode, Necole Kane sits down with her mentee Jasmene Bowdry, to discuss what it truly takes to perform at your best all day everyday. Jasmene Bowdry is the founder of SHIFT StyleHouse and is seeking advice from Necole on staying on top of her game. Necole and Jasmene both recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and share tips and tricks on getting adjusted to new markets and reaching new audiences for their businesses. Keep reading and tune in to the first episode of The Road to Greater Than series presented by #Corolla Hybrid.


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Exclusive: Gabrielle Union On Radical Transparency, Being Diagnosed With Perimenopause And Embracing What’s Next

Whenever Gabrielle Union graces the movie screen, she immediately commands attention. From her unforgettable scenes in films like Bring It On and Two Can Play That Game to her most recent film, in which she stars and produces Netflix’s The Perfect Find, there’s no denying that she is that girl.

Off-screen, she uses that power for good by sharing her trials and tribulations with other women in hopes of helping those who may be going through the same things or preventing them from experiencing them altogether. Recently, the Flawless by Gabrielle Union founder partnered with Clearblue to speak at the launch of their Menopause Stage Indicator, where she also shared her experience with being perimenopausal.

Help! My Partner And I Are Experiencing ‘Bed Death’

A dead bedroom can kill any relationship. In all long-term, committed relationships, couples experience various phases, from the initial passion to a more complex and enduring connection. Yet, as time passes, sex may decrease, which introduces an issue often referred to as "bed death."

According to Advance Psychology Partners, 'bed death' occurs when individuals in a committed relationship experience a decline in the frequency of sexual activity and fall short of the desires of both or either partner. It is sometimes labeled a "sexless relationship" due to the infrequency of sex. In the U.S., an estimated 20 million people find themselves in such relationships.