4 Things We’re Expecting From Rihanna’s Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Performance
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4 Things We’re Expecting From Rihanna’s Super Bowl 2023 Halftime Performance

As we anticipate Rihanna’s sure-to-be epic Super Bowl 2023 halftime performance, fans wonder what to expect. Like most major performances, details have been almost nonexistent but looking back at her past shows, we know muva is going to bring it. It’s been five years since Rihanna’s last televised performance when she hit the stage with DJ Khaled for their song “Wild Thoughts” at the 2018 Grammy awards. When it comes to music, her last album, Anti, was released in 2016, and while she released two new songs for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack, fans are still wanting her to release a Rihanna album.

Performing at the Super Bowl is just another milestone the mogul can add to her esteemed list of achievements. Since launching Fenty Beauty, the 34-year-old made history as the wealthiest female musician after becoming a billionaire, she also owns the highly successful Savage X Fenty lingerie and Fenty Skin. And in 2022, she became a first-time mom after welcoming a son with rapper A$AP Rocky. With so many major changes in the “Love on the Brain” artist’s life, fans are hungry to see their queen remind everyone why Rihanna is still that girl.

Here are the top things that we are expecting from the iconic singer at the Super Bowl.


If it’s one thing Rihanna has become known for outside of music, it’s fashion. Whether she’s on the red carpet or on the go, the mother of one always serves a look and she approaches her performances the same way. Who can forget when she won the 2016 MTV Video Vanguard award at the VMAs and performed several times throughout the show? She slayed every look with each performance and we can’t wait to see what she wears during the Super Bowl.

New Music

As I mentioned earlier, the Rihanna Navy is demanding new music from the Bajan beauty and we are hoping that she finally gives in and premieres a new song or announces a concrete date for her upcoming album. On another note, we also can’t wait to see what her set list will be. Rihanna has so many bops from “Needed Me” to “What’s My Name?” and of course the song that made her a household name “Umbrella.” Whichever songs she chooses, I’m sure she will have us singing at the top of our lungs.

(L) A$AP Rock and (R) Rihanna.

Photo by Lester Cohen/WireImage

Surprise Guests

Speaking of her songs, there’s also the question of whether she will have surprise guests hit the stage with her. Not that she needs anyone to perform with her, but it would be cool to see her perform with some of the people she has collaborated with over the years like her beau A$AP Rocky or N.E.R.D. (If you're like me then you are also thinking Drake, but we know that’s out of the question.) And while we continue this fantasy, wouldn't it be such a cute moment if she also brought her son on stage?

Tour Announcement

It has been rumored that RiRi will be going on tour following her Super Bowl performance. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Many artists have announced tour dates after performing at the legendary halftime show, so why not Rihanna? But what we do know after watching the “Diamonds” singer over these years is that no matter what, she marches to the beat of her own drum.

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