7 Tips That Have Helped Me Abstain From Sex


If you're someone that has decided to abstain from intercourse or any type of sexual interaction for a course of time, you know the struggle is real.

I'm currently at a time in my life where I've been celibate for a year. I decided I was tired of the same routine with men and that I was going to wait until I felt a serious connection with a man to share my sexual energy. The frustration set in when I had just been ghosted by a dude I was talking to for a couple of months that I was highly interested in.

We talked, we dated, we had sex, he disappeared… A lot of us know this story like the back of our hand.

Looking back, I realized I missed a lot of red flags he was waving simply because I had low self-esteem and didn't know what I wanted in a relationship. I was just happy we were talking and forced the notion that there was some sort of connection between us. Whew chile! There really wasn't! A year later and the connection is nowhere in sight, let alone a good night of bust-it-wide-open sex. When I set out on my path of celibacy, I never thought it would go this long. So far it's been pretty smooth but there are those rough moments when I wish I had a good booty call on speed dial.

Here I am a year later, as dry as the desert I live in but more stronger mentally and physically than ever. Celibacy is not for everyone but is something that can be obtainable as long as you have these 7 tips!

1.Set the ground rules of what celibacy or abstinence specifically means to you and why you’re setting out on this journey.


Make sure abstaining from sex is something you are very serious about and are only doing for yourself! Celibacy is no walk in the park and can be extremely hard if you don't have a serious mindset. You are the one in control, and you always have the choice to decide to hold off from having a sexual relationship. Be extremely clear and transparent about your reasons for wanting to practice abstinence. Set feasible boundaries of how much sexual interaction you are willing to have and start to following those personal rules immediately.

There are different levels of abstinence. Some people do not want any physical contact, like kissing and hand-holding. Some people allow making out and some light touching but no activity that could lead to orgasm. I choose to practice an "everything but" approach, only abstaining from activities that involve genital to genital contact or penetration. Don't make a decision based off of someone else's expectations for you, make the decision to be celibate because it's something you truly want to experience.

2.Have a strong support system!


A strong support system makes the difference! You want people around you, whether friends or family, that support your decision to abstain from sex. Abstaining from sex is a very controversial topic and most people have strong opinions about why you should or shouldn't abstain from sex. Being able to talk to my girlfriends about the struggle of abstaining from sex and hearing their words of encouragement have helped me greatly. There are also many forums online where you can discuss abstinence. If you're shy about discussing your decision with friends and family, going online can help.

3.Be transparent about your decision and boundaries.


If you find yourself interested in a potential partner, you need to make the boundaries that you set in tip #1 clear. Talk to your partner about why you're choosing to practice abstinence and make your expectations and boundaries clear. This tip alone has helped me to avoid a lot of men that had no real interest in getting to know me but who just wanted to have sex. I've decided that any man that cannot support my decision to abstain from sex cannot be someone I move forward with in the future.

4.Avoid substances or situations that may impair your judgement.


Try to stay away from situations where it may be hard to say "no." One of the times I almost broke my commitment to myself was when I sent a booty call text while tipsy on alcohol. I was very aware of what I was doing and had decided I was going to have a wild night of tipsy sex. Thankfully, my text wasn't responded to quick enough and I didn't succumb to my desires. As I abstain from sex, I have to be aware of situations that may trigger my flesh and potentially challenge my decision to remain abstinent. I know it's extremely hard for me to be alone in a room with a man I'm strongly attracted to and not have sex. I avoid putting myself into a scenario where I may find myself weak. Be aware of situations that may test your will power and avoid them at all cost.

5.Remind yourself why you chose abstinence.


There have been times when I've become extremely impatient and wanted to revert back to my old ways with men and sex. Journaling the reasons you chose abstinence can help remind yourself that you made the right choice. Journaling and constantly referring back to the exact reason I started this journey helps me to stay strong and motivated.



Masturbation has helped me tremendously! Masturbation can be good for mental and physical health. It has been a way for me to easily deal with sexual desires and also learn more about my body without having sex. Through self-pleasure, I've found a healthy way to relieve stress and become more comfortable with my body.

7.Find other ways to channel your sexual energy.


Channeling my built up sexual energy into other activities has helped me curve my urges. Some activities that have helped me on my journey are:

  • Travel
  • Blog
  • Exercise
  • Photography
  • Dance
  • YouTube

Although I didn't set out on this journey with a specific timeframe in mind, I'm thankful that I've had this year to really focus on myself and my personal goals! I've lost weight, my skin has glowed up, I've almost paid my car off, I joined a book club, made new girlfriends and I finally started my blog! This year of abstinence has been fulfilling in so many ways I never thought it would be! I legit thought I couldn't survive without sex. I had this notion that without sex I would become desperate and jump on the first penis I saw but I'm happy to say, I'm wrong!

Now when I think of what I want in a partner, my thoughts have become more clear due to being abstinent and I'm confident in what I have to offer in a relationship. When I'm craving that good booty call, I use these tips to remind myself of why I set out on this journey and that the connection I'm waiting for will be well-worth my enduring patience. If I've waited this long, I can wait a little bit longer for what the universe has in store for me. I must trust the process of growth that is happening eternally and externally in my life and know that when my fruit shows, it will be the sweetest fruit I've ever tasted.

Monique L. Spearman Is the quirky best friend you wish you always had! Self-proclaimed Beyhive president, this lipstick lover addicted to spicy food is living her best life based abroad. Storytelling her way around the world, the proud Seattle native seeks adventure through travel. Keep up with her on social media @raineyamore and her personal travel-lifestyle blog raineyamore.com.

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