7 Insanely Good Sex Positions That You've Probably Never Heard Of

7 Insanely Good Sex Positions That You've Probably Never Heard Of

Everybody loves vanilla ice cream, but nobody wants that shit every damn day, and the same is true when it comes to sex. A back-shot a day will bring plenty of orgasms your way, and a good 69 will make you feel real fine, but now, it's time to drizzle some hot chocolate on your list of regularly scheduled sex positions.

I get it; now that you've finally nailed the reverse cowgirl position and can throw it back like a 90's R&B album, you feel like a certified pro in the bedroom, but even your level-up can use a little level-up every now and then. That's why we've compiled this list of totally wild sex positions that will unleash your inner beast in the bedroom; but before we get into it, make sure you do a few stretches and grab a bottle of water because shit is about to get real. Get your back blown out, but you've been warned, sis.

*If any of these positions cause unwarranted pain or discomfort, stop immediately.

1.The Downstroke

Bad Girls Bible

This move is kind of like The Wheelbarrow, but in reverse. If you were ever in search of your G-spot, this position is the perfect place to find it. This position requires a good bit of upper body strength on your man's part, and possibly a helmet for you. The Downstroke sex position seems all good until he gets tired, just make sure you discuss proper lowering techniques beforehand.

2.The Wanton Wheelbarrow

There is no better way for your partner to sow his oats than with this alternative spin on The Wheelbarrow. To start, bend over using a chair or the bed for support with your partner positioned behind you. Then, with one foot placed firmly on the ground with your leg bent, lift your other leg backward so that it is above his hip and have him grab your ankle as he enters you from behind for a damned good time. The Wanton Wheelbarrow requires a bit of balance, but if you think you've got it mastered, add a butt plug for optimum pleasure.

3.The Lunge 

Bad Girls Bible

Good sex is sure to help you burn a few unwanted calories, but if you're flexible enough to pull out The Lunge sex position, know that you're in for a real workout. Put your man's love muscle to work by straddling him in a classic lunge position, grinding against his hip bone for added clitoral stimulation.

4.Froggy Style 

Probably the least romantic of all of the positions on this list, Froggy Style sex will have you and your partner f*cking like wild animals. Hit a mean squat with your hips pushed back, while your partner kneels behind you and gives you the the ride of your life. Place both hands on your knees and bounce that booty like a basketball to unleash your inner City Girl.

5.The See Saw

Bad Girls Bible

Whoever said seesaws are just for kids was a damn lie, because this X-rated spin on a childhood hobby is sure to give the adult you the orgasm you so rightfully deserve. The See Saw sex position is a typical on-top position with a twist. Sit on your partners lap, and when he is inside you, get your Fat Joe on and lean all the way back. Along with a killer head rush, your partner will also have plenty of access to your pleasure zone while he penetrates you.

6.The Butter Churner 

Make sure you and your partner partake in a quick stretching session before trying this move out. To get into The Butter Churner sex position, lie on your back with your legs up and bent back by your head. Have your man squat over you and work that thang like his dick is an old-fashioned butter churner.

7.The Brute

Bad Girls Bible

If you're a fan of the Amazon position, you and your partner definitely need to try The Brute. This move can definitely bring your man's dominant side out to play. Lie on your back and bring your knees to your stomach while your man straddles you with his back facing you.

Once he squats down and is inside you, he will slowly squat up and down until you get into a rhythm, and in this position, you can even play with his butt (if he's into that). But be careful! This position promises deep penetration that can ruin all your guts and cause the need for serious medical attention for both.

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