This Is Your Netflix Watch List For The Month Of July & It's Black AF

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Netflix just confirmed that our summer will get a little hotter thanks to the platform's upcoming premieres, which just so happen to be black AF.

Netflix has been adamant about their initiative to increase diversity as it refers to programming, and has resulted in a summer watch list for the ages. This year, the network announced it's initiative to connect organically with the black community by investing in original black content that is created by black industry professionals and I'm here for it.

Has it really been a whole year since the terror squad kicked down the doors and shut down the revolt at Litchfield Prison? Will a prominent black female comedian finally get a one-hour special? Is Menace II Society really as good of a movie as you remembered it to be? Find out next month on Netflix. Here's everything we have to look forward to:

1. Available July 27: Orange is the New Black

Season 6 is here and I can't hold my excitement. The highly-famed Netflix original makes its return on July 6, when we'll discover Daya's fate and find out if Taystee's crew ever truly got justice for our girl Poussey (RIP). If you're as anxious as I am for the show's multi-episode premiere, go back a few seasons and binge watch previous episodes to hold you over until the end of the month.

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