The Year I Worked As A Phone Sex Operator Changed Me


Imagine combining the ability to alter your voice from as low as an alto to as high as a second soprano while using a variety of dialects from all over the world and possessing an overly hyper sexual imagination.

It is the perfect recipe to be a phone actress, a phone sex operator to be exact.

Before the age of 21, I never thought I would have given so many virtual blow jobs and anal penetrations to men. It all started in 2006, when I was cruising through life trying to figure out my next move since I had been kicked out of art school. I’m the type of girl who finds that working a “typical” 9-5 job is not ideal to my lifestyle, so I was intriqued when I came across an advertisement in the back of a random coupon booklet that was in search of Phone Agents and they offered health insurance and 401K plans.

Who would have thought?

I was sheltered during my teen years and discovered “party chat lines” as a form of entertainment. Although dangerous for the naïve girl, chat lines served as a perfect training tool I later discovered. Being a melanated young adult living in an upper middle class suburb at the time had deaden my social life, so calling chat lines had become my favorite pass time activity. After learning the logistics of how the whole system worked I was hooked. My eyes were opened to a whole new world of sexual lingo and urban slang which was new territory for me. I became that voice that men would hunt for when they wanted to have phone sex.

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I asked my fiancé at the time how he felt about me taking on such a non-traditional job. He simply responded, “I expect nothing less from you as you are an unpredictable free-spirited type of girl,” and gave me his blessings.

So later that night, I hesitantly called the number in the advertisement. I was greeted by a real live voice answering on the other end. I guess I expected to encounter some saucy, raunchy recording guiding me to my fate of becoming a phone fantasy girl. After giving some basic information of why I was calling, I was invited to attend an interview/audition located in Philadelphia, PA. I was asked to not wear anything to draw attention to myself, and dress business casual. I arrived to the building which seemed to look like an average office building in the heart of the city tucked next to a trendy restaurant.

Gaining entry to the secure building, I then pressed the elevator button to the third floor as instructed (although 5 other floor options were available which till this day I have no idea what the floors contained), the doors opened and I arrived to a hallway with 3 doors. Restrooms to the right and another secure door on the left that required a badge scan to access. I entered the door on the left leading me to an open floor of individual desks, cubicle walls, and telephones all lined up in rows.

No pussy pink painted walls.

No obscene posters on the walls.

No sign of sex toys laying anywhere because in my mind that’s how I imagined it would be or something similar to the movie Girl 6.

It was clean, brightly lit, and had a water cooler-corporate office environment type of feel. I was then escorted to a group interview of about 25 other ladies of all shapes, colors, religious backgrounds and sexual identities. We were given a brief synopsis of how the business was organized and what was expected of us.

Next, I was given a sheet of paper for role playing purposes to complete the audition. I read the script and quickly prepared myself to finally put those late night phone bone skills I had so finely crafted into full-time paying work. My audition was with a male manager with feminine qualities, a seasoned phone agent who set the bar for agents to attain. He had the ability to charm, libido check (to ascertain how aroused the caller is and to inhibit the ejaculation process), and satisfy the fantasy of any eager caller on the other side of his phone line. Gleefully, I fell into the role of a hot fantasy girl ready for action letting the dirty words flow from my mouth that I learned from party chat lines.

I was surprised by how natural it felt to say such obscene words in a corporate setting without feeling any guilt or shame after. As a young lady I was taught that saying such things or to act on my sexual desires were wrong and if I wanted to be treated respectably and not be viewed as promiscuous I should never display such actions. That quickly went out the window. From everything that I said during the audition I only remember saying, “Do you want to do me doggie-style?” because when I finished I was corrected into saying the more finessed statement of, “Take me from behind”.

During the audition I only remember saying, “Do you want to do me doggie-style?” When I finished I was corrected into saying the more finessed statement of, “Take me from behind”.

As I walked back to the room to await the final decision of my employment, I heard him whisper to another coworker “I like her”. I smiled with reassuring pride that I had the job in the bag. After a short wait it was official that I had been granted the job as a phone sex operator and thrown into the lion’s den on a phone in a cubicle located in the back of office taking my first live call. I answered the ringing phone to hear an automated cue voice letting me know what type of character I was about to become. “Fantasy Girl”, Hi this is Sydney, who’s this?! I asked as bubbly as possible trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. The caller was hot and ready to go. I said something saucy and the call lasted all of three whole minutes. “Too hot, don’t be so easy”, my mentor said. Excited for my new endeavor over the next few months I endured very detailed training which never really ended. It included studying formulated worksheet guides, writing fantasy scenarios, studying pre-made scripts, botching calls as a newbie, and taking my imagination to limits I never thought possible.

There was truly an art to phone sex.

Someone had actually figured out the art and science behind controlling an aroused man over the phone and making him pay for it with his own hard earned money. To refine the formula in short terms it included voice quality, hot statements, ego-stroking, libido checking, chit-chatting, responding accordingly, and closing which includes making sure the caller is an repeat offender, that’s how I made commissions. We were expected to maintain a quota of calls over 15 minutes. Calls would never last over 30 minutes as a safety precaution for callers who lacked self-control over spending too much money. The callers varied and most were married & lonely, in need of fulfilling a homosexual fantasy complete with feminization, a curious teen boy who had stolen his parent’s credit card or wanting a genuine girlfriend experience complete with worldly conversation. Very few females called the line. Holidays were one of our busiest times. One guy called on Thanksgiving while hiding in a closet and his family was elsewhere in the house.

Hi this is Sydney, what’s your name baby?”

Sydney was my first given fantasy girl name and later I became Kimmi. My characters varied by what was requested from the caller which I didn’t know until I picked up the phone and heard the cue. I had to morph between being a regular hot fantasy girl, dominatrix, transsexual, transgendered, transvestite, Asian, African-American, teen, and participate in threesomes. Dominatrix was my favorite, but for some reason emulating an African-American was a challenge for me because it was attached to supporting negative stereotypes and being extremely depreciated. I couldn’t separate my true self from this fictitious character. Typically I was 18-20 years of age, blonde hair, blue eyes, 122 lbs., in college studying to be a sex therapist with 34 C tits and cute edible peach-like ass when in reality I was 21 years old, a melanated goddess, 220 lbs, 42 DD tits, not in college, and really good at making the caller believe that I was former description versus the latter. I literally had to function with having multiple personalities while still trying to remember who I was at the end of my shift which was six hours max.

The call center was open twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. Being a natural night owl, I worked a shift of 9 PM-3 AM. It paid slightly more at $12.00 per an hour and made my commute easier not having the deal with 9-5 traffic. Working anything over six hours would completely drain me mentally because I wanted to provide a personable quality experience. I connected deeply to my characters and the person on the other end of the phone. Callers would call back and feel comfortable as I related to details of previous calls. Some subjects were deemed as being “taboo” such as bestiality, necrophilia, under 18 sex, and rape. Often times, entering the realm of taboo topics took a harsh toll on me mentally, being that I was a victim of sexual abuse. I could slowly feel myself wearing thin mentally, being over virtually sexed and losing interest in sex in general.

I began to notice that I was having issues functioning with men outside of work including my fiancé.

I feared them, hated them even.

This job had become that pebble in the pond, causing a ripple effect of emotions to erupt. These deep buried emotions revealed my past that I had worked so hard to forget and hide.

I could slowly feel myself wearing thin mentally, being over virtually sexed and losing interest in sex in general.

During this vulnerable time, I had gotten closer to a female friend. I found myself attracted to her androgyny, her words, and her understanding touch. It wasn’t unusual for me to feel attracted to women, as I had recognized these feelings as early as the age of seven. My relationship with my fiancé began to deteriorate, we were growing apart. He was made aware of this female entering my life, I didn’t hide her. She made me feel comfortable again. I owned up to the fact that I had fallen in love with a woman and couldn’t bare hurting him any longer. I reasoned with my thoughts of the magnitude of hurt it would have caused if I continued with the marriage, had his children, and later decided that I preferred women when I had known all along.  We mutually agreed that our broken relationship was not mendable and called off the engagement. We remained friends for a few years after until he got married and started his own family. He never blamed the job for us breaking up, but I often wondered if he had the chance to tell me “no” when I asked for his blessing, would his response still be the same.

I had given this company a year of my time. It wasn’t uncommon for girls to burnout and go on extended vacations from the call center environment. Reaching my expected quota became daunting because I could no longer find the words to satisfy the callers. During one of my calls, a supervisor was listening in for quality control purposes. The caller had gotten frustrated in mid scenario as I was describing my moist black lace panties, sliding down my creamy thighs. He wanted me to get to point so he could ejaculate and leave me virtually covered with his guilt-filled semen. I’ll never know if he reached climax, but he hung up abruptly and I muttered “F-ck IT then” and hung up the phone.

The supervisor listening in on the call flagged me for using demeaning language towards the caller stating that my words were “F-ck YOU then”, which wasn’t allowed.

[Tweet "Like used condoms, I was thrown out like trash."]

Like used condoms, I was thrown out like trash. Replacing a phone agent was like changing your panties, everyone likes something new.  Ultimately I was fired over a miscommunication which happen to work out in my favor. I viewed it as my time to retire from being a phone whore. I left with a better understanding of self-worth and value.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

My time there was short-lived and I don’t tell many people about that part of my life. It’s entertaining to interact with men in a social setting while thinking in the back of my mind, which type of caller would you have been? I gambled with of idea of reinstating myself back into the phone agent game from the comfort of my home, but realized it wasn't in my best interest.

Anxiety and depression still haunted me from all those calls that left me feeling empty and worthless.

Instead, I decided to collect unemployment while continuing my college education full-time. It took a little under two years to finish my degree but it was important for me to finish what I had started, even if it was on the dime of a company that had foolishly fired me. I became an entrepreneur and started my own ecommerce company selling sex toys and lingerie. I realized that if I wanted to continue to grow, I needed to address the skeletons in my closet. I needed help so I began going to therapy sessions for my abuse as I needed to deal with my past in order to sustain a healthy future.


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