5 Office-Inspired Looks That Make Going Back To Work Less Of A Chore

5 Office-Inspired Looks That Make Going Back To Work Less Of A Chore

Describing the last year and seven months as challenging would be an understatement. While many of us went from working in an office to our living rooms virtually overnight, employers are slowly beginning to reopen offices for those that are eager to get back to some sense of normality. I get a mixed reaction when asking people how they feel about re-entering the work space.

Half are excited to interact with coworkers again but mostly looking forward to leaving their homes for eight hours a day. The other half love every aspect of working from home and have gotten extremely comfortable with their new way of life. No matter how you're feeling about rejoining the workplace, now is a great time to reconfigure your wardrobe for a more up to date professional look.

Now that the world is reopening and clothing stores are selling items other than sweatpants, shopping is fun again. As we're slowly stepping back into society, there are so many trends and designs to choose from, but you can never go wrong with the classics.

Staple work wear items such as blazers, calf-length skirts, knit maxi dresses, and button-ups are pieces that you can rotate all season long. Heading back into the office this fall isn't such a terrible idea. As one of my favorite seasons, it allows layers-on-layers with pops of bold colors and stylish accessories all in one look.

Check out the following five looks that will keep you looking forward to each day of the week:


I know some may be thinking wearing a mini skirt to work may slightly push the boundaries of your office dress code, however, throw on a pair of sheer black stockings and problem solved. This year, tights are on trend as one of fall's biggest accessories. Wear a matching mini skirt and cropped blazer with a solid or printed pair of tights for a fashion-forward look. Add a high-heeled leather calf boot for a little less leg.


The perfect combination for a conservative but chic look, this oversized button-up paired with a plaid maxi skirt and lace-wrapped sandal is ideal in every working environment. Color is here to stay as we step into fall so don't forget to have fun with your outfits by mixing bold pigments and colorful prints. Effortless and easy to recreate, this is a must-have combination.


I love a matching blazer-and-trousers set. Add in contrasting neutral tones and it's surely a winner. Instead of a traditional black suit, opt for a more stylish option and you'll be the envy of the office. Pair with a pointed ankle boot or an open-toe heel to complete this Hump Day look.


For those of us in a fashion or creative field, wearing a silk button up blouse and abstract print wide leg pants is just another day at the office. By the end of the work week, my effort level tends to dwindle as to why I love this super chic yet comfortable outfit. Green is having a major moment so I'm loving this oversized top paired with contrasting pants.

T.G.I. Friday

Finally, my favorite day of the work week has arrived and you know what that means, jeans! Keep it cute and casual with a classic pair of slightly distressed or clean vintage denim along with a colorful cut-out knit top. For fun, add a bold pop with a pointed heel and brightly colored accessories for a color-blocked look.
To get your fashion fix and to stay up to date with the latest trends, check out the xoNecole Style section here.

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