Revamp Your Self-Care Routine With Ease With These Underrated Practices

Revamp Your Self-Care Routine With Ease With These Underrated Practices

Over the last few years, the practice of #selfcare has made its way into our cultural zeitgeist. From how we spend our free time to the circles of people we engage with, even down to how much work we decide to do (because, boundaries), there are few parts of our daily lives that haven’t been touched by how we aim to take care of ourselves.

But as much as I love long bubble baths and deep tissue massages, our self-care routine could use some revamping.

While the meaning of self-care has taken a new form in recent times, at its core, self-care refers to the practice of taking deliberate actions to maintain and improve one's physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It can be as small as getting a full night's rest at bedtime or as grand as attending a wellness retreat to reconnect with yourself.

In each case, self-care is all about engaging in activities that promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance your overall health.

We all know how draining life can get when we neglect our self-care, and burnout, anxiety, and stress get the best of us. But when we maintain a balanced life, especially in today's fast-paced and demanding world, we tend to feel better about how we approach our life and the habits that contribute to our overall wellness.

Lucky for us, self-care doesn’t always have to come down to how much we can spend on spa days and resorts in order to achieve a “soft life.” In fact, there are a number of mental, physical, and emotional ways that you can take care of yourself that will still cut down your stress levels, improve happiness, and give you the well-rounded life you deserve. And ahead of International Self-Care Day, we’ve provided fresh, new practices to get you started.

Give Yourself A Mini Social Media Break.

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It’s no secret that we live on our phones, and sometimes the pressure to be online can cause a strain on our mental health without us even noticing. That’s why short social media breaks can be so worthwhile. While most social media breaks tend to come right at the peak of burnout, mini social media breaks are a great way to sprinkle app-less days into your week and give you a reprieve from the digital world. Trust us, your brain will thank you.

Add A Daily Walk To Your Schedule.

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The “hot girl walk” girlies weren’t lying when they said that daily walks were the key to sparking happiness in our lives — quite literally. The release of the “happy hormone,” endorphins, along with adrenaline, which is our body's “mood-lifting” chemical, will give the dopamine hit we get from Instagram likes a run for its money. So grab your headphones and walking shoes, and go take that stroll.

Extend More Love And Generosity.

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Somewhere along the lines of “self-care isn’t selfish” discourse, we’ve gotten more insular and individualistic with how we take care of ourselves. But with a whole loneliness crisis underway, finding time to connect with our friends and loved ones does, in fact, do the heart a lot of good. Community, sisterhood, and family time are essential to our mental health. Studies have found that when we participate in altruistic behavior, we get a boost of endorphins in the brain that sparks happiness in ourselves and those we’ve helped. Love is truly contagious.


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Have you had a good cry lately? If not, you might be overdue. Emotionally sensitive people may get a bad rap for wearing their heart on their sleeve, but along with getting a good cry in, they could be getting the last laugh too. Studies show that crying relieves stress, promotes closeness, deepens empathy, and makes us more open to our friends and loved ones. So take some time to talk to your favorite water sign, watch a deep-hitting romance movie, play a heartbreaking love song, or journal until the tears start flowing. Just release and let go.

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