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Want Summer Hair? Here's Why Wigs Are The Answer

It's starting to warm up outside, so you know what that means...it's time for summer hair. But summer hair isn't a one-size-fits-all. While most of us opt for no-fuss hairstyles like braids and twists, we can't forget about our other protective style sis, wigs. I know what you're probably thinking: it's too hot to wear a wig in the summer. Listen, I understand, but there are ways to wear a cute wig and feel cool while doing it. xoNecole spoke with hairstylist and UNice expert Dayonna Worrell about the best wigs to wear for a summertime vibe.

According to Dayonna, some popular summer hair looks include bright colors and warm tones. "Expect to see plenty of blonds, auburns, and funky fashion colors," she said. She also suggests using wigs to try different colors without damaging your hair. Dive into some of her best wig tips for the summer below.

xoNecole: Are there different styling tips for wigs in the summer versus the winter months, like whether to use bonding glue or wear a wig cap in the summer?

Dayonna Worrell: This is a tricky question because there’s no wrong or right answer. It varies from person to person depending on personal preferences and how one’s body reacts to heat. If you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily sweat much, then bonding may be the better option for you. Personally, I like to be able to remove my wigs, so I opt for a glueless option (like the UNice Bye Bye Knots wig). I always recommend wearing a wig cap no matter the season because this is what helps the wig to lay flat and achieve that scalp look.

xoN: What are some ways to prevent sweating and keep your head cool while wearing a wig in the summer?

Dayonna: Wearing wigs that are made with ventilated or mesh caps will help keep your head cool during the summer. If the wigs you're wearing do not come with caps, you can opt for UNice's mesh wig caps, which were designed for the optimal level of breathability, comfort, and softness. Ensuring to keep the hair underneath freshly braided down and maintained in between wears will help reduce the amount of product buildup on the scalp and allow for a fresher feel. Lastly, I like to keep a small personal fan in my purse to help cool down, especially on the days the wigs are bonded down.

xoN: Are there any products that are safe to use on the wig to achieve a wet and wavy look?

Dayonna: To achieve a wet and wavy look, I like to use water, leave-in conditioner, mousse, and an oil-based serum. I personally like to use Mizani's Miracle Milk Leave-In, Bio Silk's Serum, and Mielle Organics' Pomegranate and Honey Curl Defining Mousse. Other alternatives are The Doux's Mousse Def Texture Foam, DevaCurl's Mist of Wonders, and High Shine Anti-Frizz Nourishing Oil.

xoN: What is the best way to care for your wig while traveling?

Dayonna: When traveling, I like to bring a collapsible wig block; my favorite is this one from UNice that comes in a pack of 3! This allows me to rest my wig on the head when I’m not wearing it to help maintain the shape and current style. I also always pack travel-size products for retouching, such as a wax stick, hair spray, and hot tools.

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