Passion Twists Are All The Rage & This Is How You Pull Them Off


You can always count on Black women for new hairstyles.

Passion Twists are the newest hair trend to hit the scene. What are they and how are they different, you ask? They are a cheaper, quicker way to achieve a look similar to Goddess Locs. Word on the street is that Boho Babe created this super fun hairstyle after wanting to try something new. We all love a bomb protective hairstyle, so we are already in love with these twists!

The Boho Babe used the products below to achieve the look:

ORS Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel


Synthetic Hair Braids FreeTress Water Wave Bulk 22" (6 Packs, 1B)


Note: For a full look, you will need 8 packs.

B&B Foam Moisturizing Wrapping Lotion


Wanna know how to rock this look? Flip through the gallery for some tips and tricks!

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Featured image by @d.bellestapestre

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