The Sculpting Tools Tracee Ellis Ross Swears By To 'Lift' And 'Smooth' Her Skin

The Sculpting Tools Tracee Ellis Ross Swears By To 'Lift' And 'Smooth' Her Skin

If there’s one thing that Tracee Ellis Ross is not afraid of, it’s showing her fans and admirers the beauty of aging and the beauty secrets that keep her in top shape — even when they involve unconventional tools.

In a now-viral TikTok video, the Black-ish actress revealed the beauty staples that she calls “torture tools” to sculpt and massage various parts of her body.


y’all think this sh*t is a game?!? 😂😂 thank you @Olfa Perbal for these torture tools that seem to lift and smooth this 50 year old kit

“50 what?” Ross jokingly exclaimed to the camera while rolling her wooden gadgets along her legs. “50 what? Years old.”

The wooden tools, which clinked and clanged throughout the video, may seem bizarre from afar, but they’re key instruments used for a form of lymphatic drainage massages known as wood therapy.

Wood therapy is a non-invasive massage and body sculpting technique that involves the use of wooden tools to manipulate the body's tissues. These tools are typically made from various types of wood and are crafted into different shapes and sizes to target specific areas of the body.

During a wood therapy session, the therapist uses the wooden tools to perform a variety of massage and contouring movements on the skin. These movements are designed to stimulate the lymphatic system, improve blood circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and promote relaxation.

The Paris-based massage spa Olfa Perbal Paris that provided Ross with the wood therapy tools indicated that “the pimple” tool used on her inner thighs and bottom “breaks up the fatty deposits after having absorbed them.” The rolling bell, on the other hand, is a “2-in-1 tool to absorb and smooth fatty deposits.”

“This is the one I like on my booty,” Ross said before moving along to begin a circular massage motion across her butt. “I want to lift it up, but I can’t do that right now because I don’t have undies on.”

If you’re looking for alternative tools to implement within your beauty routine, these Lymphatic Drainage Kit Body and Wooden Massager Body Sculpting Tools dupes are perfect for your at-home needs.

It may seem like it takes a lot of work to keep our bodies lean and contoured as we age, but if the process is as fun as Tracee makes it look, sign us up!

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Featured image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Tiffany & Co.

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