Tyrese’s Wife Reminds Us It’s OK To Spoil Bae With The Ultimate Date Night Surprise

Tyrese and his wife's latest lover's night-in will give you all the inspiration you need to surprise your man with a fire ass evening alone.

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Outside has been canceled indefinitely and scheduling date night with bae feels more like Mission Impossible. Confined to a life on the couch and endless nights in the house, your romantic life could probably use a spark right about now and Tyrese and his wife, Samantha Gibson, and their latest lover's night-in will give you all the inspiration you need to surprise your man with a fire ass evening alone.

Samantha kicked off the surprise event by hacking her man's Instagram and offering viewers an inside look at how the Gibsons do date night. She wrote:

"It's me, Sam… surprising my husband on #DateNight with one of his FAVORITE artists on LIVE (one of mine, too)! So, shhh, y'all, don't say anything! I'm so excited I can't stand it. It's my turn to plan date night tonight, and I have to go all out."

Tyrese, blindfolded and ready to be blown away, was led into the frame and was instantly greeted by Brian McKnight playing the piano via live stream and that's what I call a romance, damn it. Samantha's surprise comes only a day after what she coined "King Gibson Appreciation Day", a holiday to celebrate her man and the love she has for him. She wrote on Instagram:

"I wanted to let him know that I see him, that we see him, I love him, we love him, that we are so grateful for him and the things he does for me and for us, and I'm thankful to God for bringing Tyrese into my world. We went ALL OUT! And tomorrow, for MY date night, I plan on doing the same. I post this to encourage women, let's honor our men, uplift them, make them feel warm and fuzzy, loved and appreciated.
"ESPECIALLY during this hard quarantine time. Men, by society, are conditioned to keep their emotions to themselves...to not share and shoulder the burden all on their own. Lets put God at the center, and create a world where there's no tit for tat, it's just me (and your partner, hopefully) loving you the best I can for as long as I am able to- not contingent upon what your partner has or has not done (and vice versa)."

While the Gibsons are intentional about making surprise date nights a part of their regularly scheduled routine, Tyrese says that he'll need some time in the lab to top his wife's latest gesture:

"No more date nights for me… I quit- My play book was studied left the door open and she killed… #DateNight just ended it's 3:01am."

Tyrese and Samantha aren't the only couple who have used the quarantine as an opportunity to spice up their relationship.

Featured image by Jamie Lamor Thompson / Shutterstock.com

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