The At-Home HIIT Workout To Get Your Legs & Glutes In Shape

Your strong legs are more than just for show. Even the most fundamental daily actions, like walking and balancing, require leg strength. So, if you want to ensure the betterment of your physical health, you need to include leg exercises in your routine. And if you're looking for a HIIT workout to keep your legs in tip-top shape, we've got you covered. But first things first...

What Is a HITT Workout?

HIIT, also known as high-intensity interval training, is a type of interval training that entails short bursts of extremely intense exercise followed by rest intervals or periods of lower-intensity exercise. In just about five to 30 minutes, HIIT routines can be completed, with the intensity of the workout increasing with the length of time. With HIIT exercises, you can work up a sweat without paying for or traveling to a gym, and it is an incredibly quick and effective form of training.

HIIT workouts deliver the same health advantages as low- and moderate-intensity aerobic workouts in a lot less time and have been shown to increase metabolism and build strength. High-intensity interval training, has been proven to enhance metabolism and build strength, and it offers the same health benefits as low- and moderate-intensity aerobic exercises in a lot less time.

Pro Tip: For intense intervals, aim for a heart rate of 85 to 90 percent.

Determine your rest-to-work ratio:

  • Week 1: 30-sec work/60-sec rest
  • Week 2: 30-sec work/45-sec rest
  • Week 3: 30-sec work/30-sec rest
  • Week 4: 45-sec work/30-sec rest

Beginner Workout: 


Drazen Zigic/Getty Images

  1. Point your toes forward and space your feet just wider than hip distance apart.
  2. To move your hips back, gently extend your knees while bending at the ankle and knee.
  3. Keep your shoulders back and your heels and toes firmly planted on the ground as you kneel.
  4. In order to be parallel, which should be the ultimate objective, the knees should be at a 90-degree angle.
  5. Set your heels down and lengthen your legs to stand up straight. Your knees shouldn’t go over your feet while squatting. Instead, they should be behind the toes.
30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

Jumping Jacks

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  1. Holding your hands at your sides, stand straight with your back straight.
  2. Jump while kicking your feet wide and raising both of your arms.
  3. Repeat.
30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

Forward and Backward Lunges

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1. Step forward while keeping your hips separated, then slowly stretch both knees until your back knee is barely off the ground.
2. Step backward with the leg you used to stand up, then bend both knees to crouch down with your back knee just above the floor.
3. Keep going. Change legs after the set is complete.

30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

High Knee Run

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  1. Start by jogging while keeping your knees elevated.
  2. Slowly advance while jogging with your knees raised and your arms pumping back and forth.
  3. Proceed for 30 more seconds.
30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

Squat Side Step

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1. Start by assuming a straight posture and placing your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Pushing your hips back, squat.
3. Get to your feet, move to the side, and squat down once more.
4. Go back to your starting posture and continue performing this side-to-side motion until the set is finished.

30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

Lunge Pulses

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1. From a standing start, advance like you would when lunging.
2. Partial lunge, similar to a standard lunge, about a fourth of the way down. This is where everything begins.
3. Start your workout by pulsating up and down, then perform a lunge by rising and descending by around three inches. Make sure you remain in the lunge stance the entire workout, never standing up.

30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

If you want to add more intensity to this workout, keep reading for intermediate and advanced modifications to suit your fitness needs.

Intermediate Workout: Alternating Jump Lunges

For an intermediate workout, add the following exercise, in addition to the exercises above.
  1. Bend your knees and take a deep lunge to get ready to jump. As you contract your abdominal muscles, naturally gravitate forward. Throughout the exercise, your core muscles will continue to be engaged.
  2. Put your weight down swiftly, then drive both feet into the ground with explosive force, launching your body upward while fully extending your knees and hips.
  3. Bring your feet together quickly as you jump into the air, then switch feet as you start to land. As you do this, you should alternate your arms.
  4. Keep your feet in a balanced stance as you land. The front knee shouldn't go past the front foot. Try to softly land on your forward mid-foot, letting your heel make contact with the ground. Avoid staying on the forward foot's toes. Allow your hips and knees to bend fully to absorb the landing while keeping your hips back. Keep your knees from locking.
  5. As you get ready to begin the next jump lunge, lower yourself to a deep lunge stance.
  6. For the duration of your workout, repeat the jump-lunge motion.
30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

Intermediate Workout: Rear Leg Lift

  1. Beginning on all fours, place your hands under your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips.
  2. Set one leg out in the back of you. Avoid crossing your legs over since doing so can make your lower back hurt. Instead…
  3. The leg should be raised to hip level and then slowly brought back down.
  4. Continue until the set is finished with the opposing leg.
30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

Advanced Workout: One Leg Drop

For an advanced workout, add the following exercise, in addition to the exercises above.
  1. Lay on your back on a mat with your legs straight and parallel to the floor.
  2. Start the exercise by slowly lowering your right leg until it nearly reaches the floor while maintaining bent knees. To lower the leg, try to take three to five seconds. Raise your leg to the starting position after a brief pause.
  3. Continue as necessary with the right leg, then switch.
30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

Advanced Workout: Pile Squat

  1. Place your feet wider than shoulder-width apart when standing. Make a 45-degree turn outward with your toes. If your flexibility allows, you can turn your feet out further. But make sure your hips, NOT your knees, are doing the moving. You should have a straight line from your toes to your knees.
  2. Straighten your spine, hold in your abs, and stand tall. For balance, you can also extend your arms in front of you or to the sides.
  3. Bend your legs, push your knees out, and lower yourself until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor while maintaining your upright posture. Avoid bending forward and avoid letting your lower back round.
  4. Stand upright and repeat.
30-sec work/60-sec rest or preferred rest-to-week ratio.

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